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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Prototyping


It is very important after the software development life cycle, of a product that is being delivered, that it does not suffer from any major changes after it has been developed. When major changes occur, this could cost a company, a lot of money time and effort, because stakeholders and users aren’t satisfied with the product and want to make major changes.

Helping ABC Company Achieve Their Project Management Goals


In order for ABC Company to be successful at completing their knowledge management system project, a systems analyst, must chose the correct project management methodology. A systems analyst, must also have a very good understanding of the different software development methodologies, which exist, in order to choose, the best one for the ABC Company.

An analysis of the Unified Process Methodology, In Order to Understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of this Methodology: Through the Study of the Uses of this Methodology during the Development of Several Products

uml unified model language


The computer world has changed tremendously indeed, and the methodologies, which are utilized continue to help developers, create a world of technology, that always captivates our current society. In today’s paper, the Unified Process methodology will be discuss, in order to understand, the advantages and disadvantages, of this software development life cycle methodology.

An Analysis of the Extreme Programming Methodology, Through the Development of an Emergency Response System, and Through a Comparisons of Its Techniques against Other Methodologies

extreme programming


The Extreme Programming (XP) methodology is the reason why every programmer in the world, should be happy they chose to learn and master the art of programming and developing great applications. Great applications can be developed fast, through the XP methodology, and this paper will prove this, by analyzing and critiquing the work, of other researchers; who analyzed the power of XP, when it was being put to use, in order to develop great applications.

An Overview of The Agile Software Development Methodology Family

agile software development methodology

The development of an information system, can be planed, structured and controlled, by using a system development methodology, which best suits the needs of an organization. Selecting the correct methodology though, can have its advantages and disadvantages as well, depending on the nature of the software development project.

All software development projects cannot use the same methodology, because each project have their own technical requirements, and are conducted by organizations of different cultures and have different number of people, working on that project.

An Overview of The Crystal Software Development Methodology


The article chosen this week, demonstrates how an agile project management approach with the Crystal methodology, is used in order to deploy IT applications for libraries, which are innovative. The staff and students on the paper, found success in developing their software using the crystal methodology, which is a flexible and iterative process.

An Overview of The Feature Driven Development - FDD

feature driven development

Feature driven development (FDD) refers to iterative and incremental software development model, which is client-centric and architecture-centric. On the paper chosen this week, an ontology based feature driven development for semantic applications was proposed, because there is no description of the role of ontology in the development process. The ontology based feature driven development, described by the researchers, developed a form application model development, which features design and implementation.

A Brief Overview of The Test Driven Development Methodology

test driven development

On the article chosen this week, the authors examined, the conclusion of several articles, in order to understand the effects of the test driven development (TDD) methodology, on internal and external software quality and productivity. Automated unit tests are incrementally written, in order to test functionalities, which would be used for the development of a software; this happens before the source code, is even developed in a TDD environment.  


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