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In order for ABC Company to be successful at completing their knowledge management system project, a systems analyst, must chose the correct project management methodology. A systems analyst, must also have a very good understanding of the different software development methodologies, which exist, in order to choose, the best one for the ABC Company.

 The project methodology of choice, will help ABC Company achieve maximum success for their project, and prevent ABC Company from derailing their project into failure. Software development, is very complex, and many project characteristics have to be taken into account, in order to choose the best project management methodology.

It can be time consuming and a complex process, at first, for system analysts to choose the right project management methodology; however, it can pay off at last. A system analyst, should also realize that there are tools, and resources that can help them to choose the correct project management methodology.

The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, for example, is a tool, which was developed by the Project Management Institute, to help during a project. System analysts, can use this tool, to solidify a project’s success, and to improve, measure and identify project management methodology capabilities.

The ABC Company should choose the agile method, because the agile methodology, allows for flexibility and speed. Since ABC Company is very large, and has offices in different countries, which use different software and hardware; the agile methodology would help ABC Company achieve its goals, in a timely manner, and be able to meet the requirements of its offices, located in different countries. The system analyst at ABC Company is going to have to do, an extremely good job, at identifying the project’s user requirements, because ABC Company has offices in different countries, and they don’t use the same hardware and software across the board. Also different countries may have different rules, for different technologies and applications, which the system analysts should be aware of.

 One of the reasons a project usually don’t meet its deadlines and costs too much, is because the requirements of the project and expected system behavior are not clear. The system analyst at ABC Company would also have to be familiar with the technology, in order to choose the best methodology, which would help the ABC Company complete their project efficiently.

Since ABC Company uses different technology, and is located in different countries, the agile methodology, would allow the system analyst, to be flexible enough to execute the project plan. The system analyst, would also have to understand the complexity of the project and the time frame, which the project has been given.

The agile methodology, would help the system analysts, to understand the complexity of the project, and to meet the deadlines set by project managers. Through sprints or short delivery cycles, available through the agile methodology; system analysts would be able to adjust their project quickly, in order to meet deadlines, and stay within budget.

The ABC Company is a very large and complex company, therefore, a project would have to be adjusted throughout the life cycle of the project; the agile methodology can give this flexibility to system analysts, to successfully complete the project at ABC Company.


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