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The Power of Obtaining Certifications In The Technology Industry - Part Three

Certifications technology industry

Part three As a mentor, you have to be able to take your experience and knowledge and estimate, how much knowledge and experience you can give to your mentee.

When you are a certification achiever, meaning that all you like to do is obtain your certifications, and educate yourself. You would also have the ability, establish yourselves, as a person who likes to learn, which can have a very good influence, in your life, and the lives of others.

In order for you to become a continuous learner, in the eyes of your employer, you have to be able to demonstrate your knowledge somehow.

Other than, performing your job well, you have to also be able to show, that on paper you are able to learn well.

A certification, would show your employers, or your potential employer, that you can learn, because your certifications, will be on your resumes

You will be showing your employer that, without a shadow of a doubt, you can be a continuous learner, because of your certifications. You will also, be showing the fact, that your skills are polished, fresh and ready to be tackle, any current programming task, you face at the work place.

Yes indeed, you are right, you may be thinking, what about my educational degrees, doesn't that show, that I am a learner too? As I told you before, you are absolutely right, obtaining a degree, will definitely demonstrate, to your employers, that you can learn just about anything; however, we are talking about certifications, and I said before, that if you want to be a continuous learner, you may want to obtain, your certifications.

Once you obtain your degree, you get that for life, you don't go back and take exams to polish your skills and stay current, with the industry.

Certifications, will keep your knowledge current and you are also establishing yourselves, in front of your employer as a continuous learner, with polished skills.

Certifications shouldn't be just for your employers either, you should also know that, when you get your certifications, you are also getting them for yourselves.

You of course have to be the entrepreneur type of a person as well; a certification will help you in your career as well as in your business, because you will have current knowledge in your field of study.

When you obtain your certifications, you will also be admired by those around you, and sometimes, they may even be a little jealous at your accomplishments. So be careful, with the people you keep around you, and that know a lot about you and your life.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, with certifications, you will be faster, better and have more knowledge in your career, than those people around you, who don’t have a certification.

Another thing, which we must not forget, of course, is that when you get your certifications, you will gain more money.

If you don't, then you need to know, what you are doing, fast and don’t let your employer exploit you.

Exploitation exist in the workplace, and if you don’t know what you are doing with your knowledge and skills, someone you don’t like or know will use your brain and pay you the crumbs, you wouldn’t even give to a dog.

When you earn a certification, your salary should quickly increase at least 20%, if not then you need to find yourselves a new job, or start your own business, you'll be better off.

I personally prefer starting my own business, which is of course harder than having a job, but it does pay off to start your own business.

Another skill that you will definitely develop, is that you will be able to evaluate the skills of others better than anyone else in your team, when you earn your certifications. Therefore, do get your certifications, and become a better person, at what you do, because your life will improve significantly.

Thanks you for reading this article!!!