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The Self Driving Technology Will Soon Change The Infrastructure of City Streets

self driving technology

The world of computers, is amazing and as we develop this type of technology, we can see both sides of it manifest, we can start to see the benefits of computers, and the deterioration that is causing to our society and the planet.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, self-driving cars, to understand the changes, which are coming to the world today.

If you don’t know this already, self-driving cars, are vehicles, which are able to sense their environment, and drive, through the streets of a city, without the intervention of humans.

Powerful computers, inside and outside of the vehicle, analyze terabytes worth of data, produced by sophisticated sensors, inside of the car.

One of the things, which self-driving cars, use in order to operate, is indeed the lines on the road, and they should be bright white lines, preferably, so that they can get picked up by computer vision gear, attached to the self-driving vehicles.

Although the technology is there, and it is almost ready to be used, the people are not ready for this change, because they feel, it is a drastic change and we don’t even have the infrastructure for this type of technology.

The reason for this, is because we don’t have a current infrastructure that can successfully host self-driving vehicles, all over our city streets.

One of the most difficult obstacles of the self-driving vehicle technology, is the fact that the infrastructure, to house the technology, has to be well maintained and it is difficult to say, that we’ll be able to keep up with the technology.

Automakers are deploying many autonomous features, such as intelligent sensor-based cruise control, and many other features.

Many companies who make automobiles the traditional way, are now making big moves, to advance their autonomous car efforts, in 2017.

The state of a driver, whether that driver is sleepy, texting, watching a video, angry, etc. also, does not affect the sensors in a self-driving car.

Self-driving cars are able to reduce the number of car collisions, due to the advanced safety features, built into the self-driving vehicles.

We don’t yet know as a society, that the impact of this innovation, are far more reaching then what we believe it is.

The demand on emergency response system, auto insurance as well as health care costs, are reduced when we start using self-driving vehicles.

The sensor, connectivity and software/control algorithms, are three technologies needed, in order to make self-driving cars a possibility.

Today most of the required technology, which is used for autonomous driving are available, and used in advanced safety features.

The technology that is necessary to navigate the car safety, of self-driving vehicles are radar, ultrasonics and cameras.

Self-driving cars have access to the weather, surface conditions, maps, latest traffic, road infrastructure and adjacent cars, due to the connectivity technology.

Self-driving vehicles can also monitor its surrounding operating environments, through the data collected, through connectivity, to be able to avoid hazardous conditions and anticipate braking when neccessary.

Software/control algorithms work together with connectivity and the sensors, in order to reliably capture the data collected by the vehicle’s computer systems.

Therefore; decisions on steering, speed, route guidance and braking, can be made better by the self-driving vehicles, thanks to the software/control algorithms technology.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!