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An Analysis of Data Storage Systems in Terms of Size, Speed, Error Handling, and Cost

data storage

Data storage systems have been around since the 1920’s with the invention of the magnetic tape, since then we have seen, how data storage systems have evolved into something we know today as cloud computing. Some of the types of storage used today are: magnetic hard disk drives (HDD), optical storage, floppy disk, solid state storage (SSD), memory, RAID, thumb drive and external hard drives, macromolecular data storage. These types of data storage systems are known as secondary storage devices, because the CPU does not have direct access to these storage devices, except for memory.

The Role of Virtual and Cache Memory and The Properties of Memory Management

virtual memory

Every component of the PC has been upgraded, in order to increase the speed of the PC, for the past seventeen years, due to the new technology, which has been developed for the PC. The memory is one of the components of the PC, which has been upgraded to increase the speed of the PC.

Cache memory

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview - Continue

computer forensics

The computer’s brain is considered to be the central processing unit or CPU for many people, but the analogy is not inaccurate, because the human brain can do so much more than the CPU. The purpose of the CPU, is to process the needed information inside of a computer, in order to make that computer functional. The processing unit has several different components, which help the CPU perform steps, which can happen independently of each other.

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview

computer forensics

The computer forensics field, has helped the justice department lock up a lot of offenders, and as technology advances criminals, find it very hard to hide or delete incriminating data from a computer. The computer forensics field has transformed the justice system, because the idea of investigating, digital media, gives law enforcement, the ability to use digital files and media as evidence, in a court of law.

Data Compression is a Great Way to Reduce Data Size

Data Compression

The process which reduces data sizes, by removing excessive information is known as data compression. The size of a file is reduced, in order to save space, save time and reduce redundancy, during compression. A number of data compression algorithms exist, in order to compress different types of data formats. All the images we see online, are typically compressed in the JPEG or GIF formats, and file systems also compress files automatically. When files are stored and for those large files, that don’t automatically get compressed, we do it ourselves.

Converting A Binary Number to Decimal and to Hexadecimal


In order to be able to convert a decimal number to binary, one must have a basic understanding of the decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbering systems. Decimal numbers are used often in mathematics, and are 10 digits (0 - 9), which occupy a decimal place. Binary numbers are 1s and 0s to us, but to computers the number one represents the high or on setting and the number zero, would mean low or off setting in a computer. Binary is used in order to represent computer data, and it can be grouped together into bytes.

The Agile Software Development Methodology - Overview

Agile Software Development

On the article written by Hobbs and Petit, they explain that the agile software development methodology, has been gaining popularity, since the 2000s, and have taken software development by storm. In an agile environment, small collocated teams, work on small, non- critical, green field, in-house projects, this was identified by Kruchten as the “agile sweet spot”. The architecture of these projects is stable, and the rules of governance are simple; therefore, the agile methodology is being used more and more on larger projects, according to Hobbs and Petit.

Introduction to Waterfall Methodology


The development phase of an application, have always followed a waterfall method, but later the agile method was also adopted. As one of the oldest methods used, to develop a software, the waterfall methodology, remains the most used among software engineers and developers. Developers and software engineers, follow a sequential model, which goes downward, going through different phases, when they use the waterfall method. Requirement gathering and analyses, design, coding, testing and maintenance, are the phases, which are part of the waterfall methodology.

A List of The Different Types of Stand Alone Computers

computer list

Symbols can be manipulated through machines known as computer systems, which are functional computers with all its hardware and software, made to help users achieve their goals, complete tasks and solve problems.

Computer systems can be categorized based on a variety of factors however on this post, I will use the size and the power of the computer systems to categorize this list.

Computer systems can be categorized as follows, from the largest and most powerful computer systems to the smallest and least powerful computer system we use today:


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