Extreme Programming

EXtreme Programming Methodology is The Most Effective Methodology in Software Development

The world of computers is amazing, and unless you are a person who is willing to go through to be thrown into parts of the world of computers, which does not feel amazing, then you will never be...

cyber security

Computer Forensics has Revolutionized the Justice Systems of The World

As our current world becomes more and more intertwined with technology, criminal activities are happening in the cyber world, and there must be a science to stop these crimes.

In today’s...

scrum methodology

The Scrum Methodology is A Framework that Helps The Development Life Cycle of Any Prodcut

In a scrum methodology, all the developers have to be committed to the project, and this may not be the case, because someone may just want to quit, or they may get fired.

In today’s...

agile methodology

The Exploration of The Agile Methodology In Large Projects

The computer world, is very interesting and people are catching up to it, when they want to develop software, because they are following techniques, which are useful for them to accomplish their...

agile environment

The Agile Methodology has Revolutionized The Information Technology World

The design and build activities for engineering, information technology, and a new product or service development projects, can be managed through the agile development methodology.


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About The Life Of The Writer

Hi every one, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics back in 2006, from Claflin University, after I received my bachelor's degree, I gained full time employment as a software engineer at a Video Relay Service company, maintaining databases and developing software for a new developed device called the VPAD.

I worked at that company for two years, then I became a web developer, and worked for a magazine for three years.

After that job, I worked as a Drupal web developer, as a subcontractor for the NIH, for a year and then left the job to go back to school.

Currently I am unemployed, but I am working on my own business, my wife and I have a website (www.kinginfolife.com) where we talk about science, medicine and technology information.

We also develop websites for other people, and businesses who need to expand their business online.

Also if people need content for their websites, we can provide that content, from the current articles we have written so far.

I am also a volunteer at Johns Hopkins University Bayview Medical Center, I am part of the patient partner experience at the hospital.

I am responsible for making sure that the patients are being treated well at the hospital and that their needs are met.

I don't have any kids right now, but I do plan to have some kids in the near future; right now I rather focus on school and finish this degree.

I have started going to school again at the University of Maryland, for software engineering, because I want to be more valuable to my readers.

School is very important to me, this is why after my masters, I will continue to pursue education, through medical school, so that I can become a doctor, and really care about the people I am trying to save.

Medical school have come to my life, and changed my mind set, because I have realized that medical school is the way to go.

If you don’t agree with me, I understand that, but after doing my own research on education and the highest level of education a human could obtain, I realized that it was a medical degree.

Particularly, a medical degree, can change the heart and the mind of a person, fundamentally, because that person has to care for people fundamentally.

A person changes, because a good doctor, has to care for people he/she don’t know on a daily basis, so that the person can get better.

It takes a special kind of a person, to care for the health of strangers, who they just meet, for the first time.

One of the reasons a lot of people care for people is usually because, they will gain something from that person, it is usually for a selfish reason.

Of course the money, part of becoming a doctor is a factor, but the money is not enough reason, to become a doctor.

You would have to care for the people, because the people need to get better, it takes a special person to do that.

Also caring for that school work, would be profitable, in order to become a doctor, because the work is tremendous.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!