The Harm We Do To Ourselves Is Sometimes Unbelievable

Sometime we do harm to ourselves knowingly, and sometimes we do it unknowingly; whatever the case may be, we continue to pee on our shoes, or shoot ourselves in the foot, and don't even know why, because many of us are insane. It is astonishing even to The Most High, how much understanding we lack, so that we don’t walk ourselves to the slaughter house. Unfortunately though, that is what many of us do on a daily basis, and we don’t even care to die, how stupid can we be.

I say we are insane, because we continue to hurt ourselves, and don't even know, how we can stop our own destruction, because we continue on that path, and don't stop or do something different to stop it.

In today's article post, we are going to examine, why do we harm to ourselves, and what is the psychological process of the mind, which works behind us harming ourselves.

We have heard it, way too often, how people commit suicide, or how they get into an accident due to drunk driving, or texting and driving, or how people kill other people for unknown reasons.

We have also heard, how we create things, which can destroy us all.

Such things, are the atomic bomb, the nuclear war heads, chemical bombs and many of the machine guns, tanks and fighting airplanes, which we create to harm ourselves.

We really are an insane society, and we need to figure out why, we like to shoot ourselves in the foot, for no apparent reason.

We have also heard of, the many diseases, which we as mankind create, by polluting our waters, our air and the streets of our cities.

We even create diseases for ourselves, when we engage too much in sexual immorality.

My fellow readers, we do great harm to ourselves, there is no doubt about it, even when we consciously try to be safe.

We are sick, trust and believe me, the sickness, is upon ourselves, and we have caused it.

When we go through bad life situations, we don’t know sometimes, how to make things better and right with ourselves and our situation, which leads us to harm ourselves, within the bad situations. Even years after that bad situation is past, we continue to define ourselves, based on the bad choice, we made as in the past, therefore harming ourselves, by making the wrong choices in today’s world.

Also, when you go through a bad experience in life, you should know, where in the situation, you went wrong to cause your pain.

Most of us, however, don’t know how to discern our mistakes, to make things better and to learn from them.

So we continue to make the same mistakes, over and over again; thus causing the pain to return to our lives many times, before we can actually, do something about it, to make things better.

We are truly an insane creation, no wonder why we are being, destroyed today.

The only thing, that you may or may not have control over, is the day that you pass away, or a family member of yours passes away.

This is because of the simple fact, that you don't have control over the life, which you have, or the life of that family member.

But regardless, of the fact that you may or may not have control over the day of your own death, you still had something to do, with the fact that you may be on your death bed, or slowly dying. We really need to wake up and realize, how amazing this life is so, that we learn not to harm ourselves and follow simple, but important instructions

The reason I say this, is because many people’s choices in life, are very poor, and leads them to their own destruction.

Indeed, some people are born to be bad, and other nations are born to be destroyed, even the bible talks about this, but if you are of a particular nation, which the Most High had chosen, then you are the reason why you are in the situation that you are in, whether your condition is good or bad.

You know that you, have the power to change your situation, but you have to be of a certain kindred or nation to be able to change your situation, else you are doomed, just read your bible and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

You won't believe me though, but if you do then continue reading, the fact that many of us find pleasure in harming ourselves, should tell you, that we are not all made in the likeness of The Most High, who created all of us. The Most High would never do anything evil, to harm Himself or this beautiful earth, which was created by Him.

The Most High, wouldn’t make a type of human, which harm themselves, and then turn around and say “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”.

Therefore, we have to conclude, that some nations, were made to be vessels of destruction, and other people are made to be the vessel of mercy; according to the bible.

Read your bible though, and examine the world, the nations and the life we live on this earth, so you may figure out, which nation is destroying the world and which nation was actually put here to protect the world.

The earth was created for us to live, but we continue to deplete its resources, and really believe that there will never come a day, when all of the resources of the earth, which some of us so freely enjoy, will never come to an end.

We continue, to disregard the signs, we don't pay attention to our earth or our society, we don't see that we are getting sicker and sicker, by the years, and that our planet is crying out to us, so that we may change our ways, and direct our path on a new course, so that we may live and not die.

We are truly an insane society, or at least the people that are at the top, the people who rule the world, and have the power to change things are an insane type of a human and don’t care about no one, but themselves. These people, who rule the world, simply chose to disregard the signs completely, and allow everyone else, to believe, whatever the elites want the masses to believe, so that they may willingly choose, to destroy the earth.

The earth does retaliate though, the earth sometimes shows us, it can be more harmful to humans, than us to the earth; the power driving the earth to cause harm, upon humans is the power of The Most High.

Whenever you see a lot of birds dyeing, or a lot of dead fish on the coast of the sea and many of the vegetation dying, then the earth is sending out a message to us; a message, that clearly tells us, that we are not going in the right direction, and that we need to stop polluting the earth.

The Most High, uses the earth to communicate with us as a nation, to let us know of the times, that are coming, which is the day of judgment.

But we don't take heed, we don't hearken onto what the earth is trying to tell us, because we love yo harm ourselves.

Instead, we continue to damage our beautiful home, and we do it very willingly, as if we all would like, to go to the slaughter house, which we will, if we continue doing what we are doing today.

We really do destroy our world, every day, with all of our actions, all of our false believes, our way of life and all our carelessness for this earth.

We really have to pay attention, to what we do, and how we interact with our world, because every one of our actions, could be lethal.

We don't even comprehend, the severity of our actions, when they are harmful to the earth, because we continue to destroy the world.

The harm, which you do to yourselves, does not serve you any purpose, you won't find any actual value in hurting yourselves.

Whether you know it or not, taking care of yourselves, is all that you need to focus on, really, because if you don't have yourselves, then what else do you have? Our earth has to also, be taken care of, because we live here, we must stop the oil spills, the spraying of our skies, the pesticides on crops, the polluting of our air and water and the constant assaults, which we perform against the earth, to alter our reality, on a daily basis has to stop.

Our reality could really be damaged, my fellow reader, and we don't even consider, that which sustains our lives.

We really need to consider, this earth and take care of it.

We must understand that, before we are able to move forward in life, we have to be self-reliant and believe that we have the will power, to really accept who we are and our earth, and learn to love ourselves and this earth.

The process is not easy though, because most of us are a little crazy, and we have to understand, that before we are able to completely live life to the fullest; we have to be sane and have order in our spirit, life and soul.

I am not a religious person, but I must say this, you are part of the Most High, and The Most High understands the importance of doing things in order. When we don’t do things in order then things can get messy pretty quickly, because we don’t have all the answers, only The Most High Power of Israel does and we need to do what He says.

We need to do things in order indeed, don't hurt yourselves, but do take care of yourselves, don't let the lies of the current society, deceive you into thinking that living your lives to the fullest, means that you are going to do whatever it is that you want, with this life, and the beautiful earth that was given to us.

Be decisive in your thinking, and be of sober mind, because your mind is always and often times, running lose, when you are harming yourselves, and you don't sometimes know that you harming yourselves.

But you will know what's up though, eventually, after you are harmed and are looking stupid, because you either broke a bone, paralyze yourselves, broke your heart emotionally, are financially strained or just pass away. You don’t want to die, trust me there is nothing there other than hell and paradise and if your soul is not ready to go to paradise, then you may not want to die, life ever.

You really have to be careful, because you never know, you don't have a long time, on this life and you need to make sure, that you do understand the bad and the ugly, as well as the consequences of harming yourselves, others and this beautiful earth.

Once you are aware of the things, that always seem to harm us, then you would be free, to stop harming yourselves.

All the harm, that you do in your life, including the harm that you do to yourselves, will come back to you like a boomerang and you will understand, that harm is nothing to play with, and you should never even think about doing harm to yourselves, others or this beautiful earth.

Seriously though, stop harming yourselves, if you don't, you will suffer the consequences, because the harming will catch up to you one day, and you will only have yourselves, to blame.

The day, that you find yourselves harming yourselves, others or the earth, just stop and run from your action, because you your harming yourselves, may lead you to a very bad situation, which you will regret later in life.

You should also, always read books and do some research on this topic, so that you see for yourselves, that harming yourselves, others and the earth can cost someone's life, including yours.

But, we won't take heed though, we don't listen to the signs, we instead like to deplete the resources of earth, which are so abundant for right now and waste ourselves at a very young age.

We as humans have some serious psychological problems, as a whole, because we only seek to destroy, this beautiful world, others or ourselves.

Maybe, when everything is over, and the end is finally here, maybe then, just maybe, we will seek a higher purpose and higher reason, to maintain our world, ourselves and watch out for the well-being of others.

When I say maybe, I don't really say it with any hope in mind that this will actually happen, because I know that our nature, is to seek destruction, and our thoughts are only leaning towards evil.

We are selfish, and we are only looking out for our self-fish evil thoughts, seeking every day for new ways to harm, and to destroy our very existence, here on earth, what a shame.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!
Hernando Cadet

Hi every one, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics back in 2006, from Claflin University, after I received my bachelor's degree, I gained full time employment as a software engineer at a Video Relay Service company, maintaining databases and developing software for a new developed device called the VPAD.

I worked at that company for two years, then I became a web developer, and worked for a magazine for three years. After that job, I worked as a Drupal web developer, as a subcontractor for the NIH, for a year and then left the job to go back to school.

Hernando Cadet Hi every one, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics back in 2006, from Claflin University, after I received my bachelor's degree, I gained full time employment as a software engineer at a Video Relay Service company, maintaining databases and developing software for a new developed device called the VPAD.

I worked at that company for two years, then I became a web developer, and worked for a magazine for three years. After that job, I worked as a Drupal web developer, as a subcontractor for the NIH, for a year and then left the job to go back to school.