The Planet that We Have Been Given Is Plagued By Our Actions


The planet that we have been given, by The Most High, is beautiful; however, many of us, don’t believe that we have to take care of our wonderful planet.

Therefore, we destroy the planet, without regard and commit sins against our planet and most importantly against, The Most High.

In today’s article we will be talking, about air pollution, and how it has been affecting humans, since the time of its inception.

Air pollution, did not began to be noticed by the public, until the 16th century; the Public Health Act, which was passed in 1875, contained a smoke abatement section, to try and reduce smoke pollution in urban areas.

In 1970, legislation was passed, to keep the air clean, so that it is not dangerous to humans.

So as you can already see, we have been trying to keep ourselves, from destroying the planet.

Air pollution will kill a lot of people, if we don’t stop polluting the air, then we will wonder, why are we unable to live on the face of the planet anymore.

Instead, of being able to walk on the planet, we will be subject to living, in the underworld.

Due to our air pollution, we could force ourselves, to live in caves and underground.

We should not wonder why or how, we could end up in a situation, where the air is not safe to breath, anymore.

We should not wonder how, we are in such a situation, because we did it to ourselves, by polluting the air.

Acidic compounds, which are created by chemical reactions, involving air pollutants, are dangerous to our vegetation and buildings.

Acid rain, is another result of air pollution; acid rain is formed when sulfuric acid, an air pollutant, combines with the water droplets, which comes from the clouds.

When water droplets, become very acidic, it can affect our environment tremendously.

The vegetation, animals, fish and other wildlife, can be harmed, when acid rain falls, over an area.

The soil can also be corrupted, when acid rain infiltrates, into the soil, because acid rain, has the ability, to change the chemistry of the soil.

When the chemistry of the soil, has been changes, it could become unfit, for many living things.

Many living things, depend on the soil, as a habitat, and for nutrition, therefore, one can only imagine, the toll, which acid rain takes on the environment, when acid rain infiltrates the environment, and changes the chemistry of the soil and water.

The fish of the sea and the aquatic life, can also be harmed, when acid rain flows into lakes and streams, and changes the chemistry of these lakes and streams, which end up taking the change to other large masses of water.

Air pollution, is destroying our planet, whether we would like to believe it or not.

We have to face what we are doing, because this is also, the way that The Most High is bringing about judgement, to this evil world.

The Most High, is allowing our actions, to kill us and everything that we need, to survive on this planet, so that He may judge us, for the sins we commit against this beautiful earth, which is His creation.

When nitrogen in some pollutants are carried, and deposited, by the rain, on rivers and soils; it can have, adverse effects on the nutrients in the bodies of soil and water.

When the water is polluted, conditions for aquatic organisms, can be harmful, due to the conditions, which air pollution created, from our direct actions and sins we are committing against this beautiful world.

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Hernando Cadet

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Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI.