The 24 Most Dangerous Phenomenon Harming Our Planet Today


The world, in which we live in, is very valuable and important to our survival, if we want to continue to live on this earth, we must learn to take care of this earth, or else we won’t have a home anymore. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the dangerous phenomenon, which cause the most harm to the environment and our health.

Here are the phenomenon which have been killing our environment, since humans have inhabited this planet.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #1: Water Pollution: Water covers two thirds of the earth’s surface. We need to take care of our waters, because as the population grows, we demand more from the planet’s water resources. Water pollution is a direct result of human activities, because it is a relatively new phenomenon, due to the industrialization of the globe.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #2: Air Pollution: air pollution is caused by burning of fossil fuels, in order to produce electricity and to be able to power our automobiles. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas and gasoline are burnt on a daily basis to make our lives better.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #3: Soil contamination: soil is supposed to be the main source of our foods; however because we don’t understand that, we tend to contaminate our soils. Our lives are on the line, because when crops and plants grow on polluted soil, they absorb much of the pollution, and they pass that pollution on to us.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #4: Noise Pollution: Noise pollution can’t be smelled or seen, but it still affects the environment. Due to the harmful levels that noise have reached, due to planes and other noises, noise related harmful health effects, are developing among human.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #5: Light Pollution: when excessive and inappropriate artificial light is used at harmful and dangerous levels, our earth and our health is in danger. The four components of light pollution are known to be: Urban sky glow, light trespass, glare, and clutter.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #6: Thermal Pollution: when excess heat creates undesirable effects over long periods of time, our environment and health suffers. Excessive temperature increase is considered, bad for our environment and a rare type of pollution; which is caused by power plants, urban sprawl, air pollution particles that trap heat, deforestation, and loss of temperature moderating water supplies.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #7: Visual Pollution: undesirable and unattractive views can have dangerous effects on our eyes, although eyesores and other eye related illnesses, can be cause by other pollution in the air. Power lines, construction areas, billboards and advertising as well as neglected areas or objects, such as polluted vacant fields or abandoned buildings, are considered visual pollution.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #8: Radioactive Pollution: this type of pollution happens, when radioactive substances are released into the air, water or the soil, due human activity. Nuclear weapon testing or detonation, mining, separation and production of nuclear material, as well as accidental release of radioactive material from nuclear power plants, are some of the sources of radioactive pollution.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #9: Industrial pollution: every time the release of wastes and pollutants are generated by industrial activities, then our earth suffers tremendously. There are many companies in industries, which create pollution for the air, water and land due to their irresponsible activities.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #10: Oil Spill Pollution: many marine animals are destroyed, due to oil spills pollution. Also oil spills can also contaminate the environment and food sources of marine life, which causes major irreversible, long term problems, for aquatic mammals.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #11: Pesticide Pollution: the sources of pesticide are created, as a result of killing and controlling pests. Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematocides and rodenticides, are the pesticides used to control or kill pests, to protect crops. However, these pesticides, can also pollute the crops, and cause harmful heath damage to humans, when we consume these crops.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #12: Electronic Waste Pollution: when more than 19 million tons of e-waste is produced every year, our environment is affected. The electronic waste problem is a big problem, because electronics end up in landfills, and toxic such as lead, mercury and cadmium leach into soil and water.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #13: Personal Pollution: people don’t know that their activities can be considered bad or harmful to the environment. When people engage in activities such as, smoking, drinking, drug abuse, emotional or physical abuse, poor personal attitudes and live in bad conditions or have bad habits, then our environment can suffer due to people’s negative activities.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #14: Chemical Pollution: when chemicals are released into the environment and reach toxic levels, then our environment is affected. Sources of chemical pollution include, but are not limited to: vehicles, dumbing of toxic waste by chemical industries and toxic effluent from industries.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #15: Smog Pollution: the harmful effects of smog is evident, due to the components which form the smog. Humans, animals and plants are all affected by smog, because our environment is affected and we therefore; develop illnesses due to lack of UV light.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #16: Hospital Pollution: we are supposed to use hospitals, because we need them to help heal us, not to harm our environment. Unfortunately, hospitals are among the greatest consumers of natural resources, by producing a lot of waste and burning a lot of energy.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #17: Garbage Pollution: when people start to throw trash, in places which are not designated for trash, then our environment is affected. Garbage should be manage properly, by lifting the solid waste from streets and areas, so that they can be carried to landfill sites, to properly be disposed.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #18: Plastic Pollution: the human food chain is being affected by plastic pollution. Air, land and water are polluted by the manufacture of plastic and the destruction of it as well. I don’t understand, why produce something, which is harmful to the environments and is affecting our health.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #19: Agricultural Pollution: modern agricultural practices, have cause the degradation of the eco-system, land and environment. Modern day by-products of agriculture, can cause health effects, it affect the aquatic life, and it can also pollute our soils.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #20: Mercury Pollution: fish and wildlife is faced with one of the most harmful pollutants, known as toxic mercury. Coal burning power plants, across, the country, is able to release the toxic mercury, into rivers, lakes and forest.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #21: Nutrient Pollution: excessive growth of algae, is often produced due to too much nutrients added to bodies of water. When too much nitrogen and phosphorus enters the environment, then air and water can become polluted.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #22: Acidification Pollution: this type of pollution occurs, when acids compounds are able to acidify soil and surface waters. The acidification of our environment has the ability, to affect the environment and our health, tremendously.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #23: Underwater Noise: marine mammals have a system of sounds underwater. When human made sounds interfere with the bio-sonar sounds of marine mammals, then their system and way of life is also interrupted, which can have diverse negative effects on the environment.

Dangerous Environmental Phenomenon #24: Social Pollution: when people have behaviors, ideas and beliefs, which negatively affect society, then we consider that as social pollution. Our earth, belongs to us because we are here now, we need to learn to adopt better ideas and behaviors, to buy back the block and protect our world.

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Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI.