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test driven development

Test Driven Development has Revolutionized the Software Development Life Cycle

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Air Pollutants Are Killing Our Planet

air pollutant

The planet in which we live in today, is very important to ensure that our future is secure, and that the future of our children is not in danger of extinction.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the atmospheric pollution, which is affecting the health of many humans and the environment.

The levels at which atmospheric pollution is affecting the health of many humans and the environment, from local to global areas, are very high.

The contaminants and pollutants found in the atmosphere, are reacting together, to form new compounds in the air and they come from a lot of sources.

Important progress has been made, in industrialized nations, to control some pollutants in the past decades.

Developing countries however, have very bad pollutants, and these pollutants are being transported all around the world.

Air pollutants are definitely killing our environment, and our understanding towards them is important.

We have learned enough about the environment to develop emission control policies, which can help limit the harmful effects of air pollutants.

Air pollution and global climate change, is caused by major pollutants, which can be reduced, in order to deliver significant benefits.

Extensive information about key pollutants and their interaction, is indeed important in order to make the right decision, to effectively reduce air pollution.

The processes which help pollute the air are known to be these: Emissions, which is when chemicals are emitted to the atmosphere from human activities, known as anthropogenic emissions.

The natural functions of biological organisms, such as microbial breakdowns of organic materials, are also a cause of biogenic emissions.

Volcanic eruptions and desert dust, are also a nonliving natural source of emissions.

Transport is also a process, which through winds, can carry pollutants, all around the world, and affect the air from one country to another.

Some of the most notable pollutants are: the particles, which are airborne particles, and include dust, dirt soot, smoke and liquid droplets.

Some particles can be seen, with the human eye and other particles can’t be seen by the human eye, but instead a microscope is needed to see these invincible particles.

Another known pollutant is the ozone molecule, and it can affect humans, by polluting the air.

When nitrogen oxides, react with a group of air pollutants known as reactive organic substances in the presence of sunlight, then the ozone molecule is formed in the form of a gas.

Motor vehicle exhaust, oil refining printing, petrochemicals, lawn mowing, aviation, bushfires and burning are all sources of the ozone molecule.

Carbon monoxide is another type of pollutant found in the air, as a gas, and can be poisonous to humans, if found in the air in high levels.

Carbon monoxide, cannot be detected by the human eye, nose or mouth, so if there is a carbon monoxide leak in a house, people could die.

Sulfur Oxides are also part of the pollutants found in the air, killing our planet, and it is present in the air as a gas, which is invisible to the human eye, but has a sharp nasty smell.

Sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid and sulfate particles, are other harmful compounds, formed from the reaction of sulfur oxides and other substances.

Lead and nitrogen dioxide are also part of the pollutants, which are destroying our planet and we should all make an effort, to decrease the amount of pollutants, which are destroying us.

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