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The Degradation of Our Planet is Real, We Need to Wake UP!!!

degradation of the earth

Our world is ours to keep, and it is so beautiful, when you look at the planet from a distance, and imagine that there are no major problems, with the environment.

When you imagine that the animals are not dying, and the trees are not being cut down by our actions.

Then we can see the earth for what it used to be, and for what it could be, when the right authority, is ruling the planet.

However, in today’s society, we can clearly say, that the ruling class is responsible for all the effort put into making our planet green again, but also, the ruling class is responsible, for all the effort, as well put into the degradation of our planet.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, our planet is in a very fast track, being degraded, by the actions of humans.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the degradation of our planet, and how it can affect each and every one of us.

According to scientific data, humans under the current system, are eating away at our own current life support system, our planet, how stupid can we really be, and why do we keep shooting ourselves in the foot, when it comes to taking care of our planet? Please don’t be offended, by what I say on this article, but we are making the wrong moves, when it comes to taking care of our own planet.

Then we wonder why, there are many animals dying on a daily basis, and no one is really bringing this out.

In the past ten thousand years, the degradation of the land and freshwater systems, the emitting greenhouse gases and the releasing of a large amount of agricultural chemicals, into the environment, has cause the planet, to start decaying.

The planet is sick, and it is dying, under the current authority, because, it is the people who are ruling the planet, who will be responsible, for what this age or society, has done to the planet.

The Most High is coming to pay those, who set up a system, where humans would be destroying the planet, and themselves, as we sick ways to live in harmony with the planet.

However, we don’t understand instead, we fight with the planet, and kill the animals, pollute our water, and some of the world wide process, which underpin life on Earth, have exceeded safe levels, for humans to live on this planet.

The four process according to scientists are: human-driven climate change, loss of biosphere integrity, land system change and high level of phosphorus and nitrogen.

We really need to think about what we are doing here, because we are destroying our home, and we will not be able to call the earth, our planet anymore.

Due to the fact that the creator of all things, WHAT? That’s right The Most High, is going to pay those who destroyed the planet, because this is His creation, and our job, as men of The Lord is to protect and take care of our Father’s vineyard, which is the earth.

I don’t want to get religious on you, but it only makes sense, that we start taking care of our planet for real or else as a collective, we will dye.

Thank you for, reading this article!!!