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The Mysteries of Life - Climate Change Or Hoax - We Should Really Understand Climate Change

Climate change

The mysteries of life, sometimes are hidden right in front of our eyes; however, because of the simplicity of our intelligence, we are not able to understand, our own purpose on this earth.

Therefore; we go around, breaking thing on this planet, because we don’t understand the purpose of the earth in our lives.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about climate change, and see what’s going on, and why is our planet, changing so rapidly.

According to scientific data, it is now more certain than ever, that humans are changing the Earth’s climate, based on many lines of evidence.

Many outlets and schools are confirming that, sea-levels are rising, due to the atmosphere warming; as well as the strong decline in artic sea ice, and other climate-related changes.

In my opinion, if climate change is happening, and it is being affected by the actions of humans, there is nothing we could do about it to change, what we have done, or try to reverse it.

What’s happening to our planet must happen, because there are prophesies which need to be fulfilled, in the bible.

I am sure, many of you would disagree with me, or agree with what I just said, but it is indeed the truth.

However, the way we understand climate change, is very different from the truth, because of our carnal minds.

We really do believe that what’s happening, is happening by accident, and that there is no God orchestrating things.

We as a whole are not spiritual at all, and we refuse to connect back, with the earth spiritually, so that we understand the changes, which are happening today.

We really do believe that the earth is warming, because we are seeing a very small change in temperature over the period of a century.

We don’t understand, what is really changing about the climate, we are stuck on the rise of sea level, but fail to acknowledge, that we have weapons of mass destruction all over the world.

I mean, why are we so stuck in trying to control the weather, when superpowers all around the world, have control of powerful weapons, which could cause more problems, than climate change.

No my fellow readers, the climate is not under our control, if we don’t have control over our climate, there is no way that we can stop whatever it is we are doing to the climate, the damage is irreversible.

The only thing that is going to change in the climate is, that the super powers of this current world, will be destroyed, because they will engage in a world war, according to the bible.

If we look at what is going on around the world right now, we can see that many people are agitated and many super powers are losing their patience with each other.

Everyone wants to rule, this earth, and whichever country has the power to rule right now, will have to defend that right with their lives.

It will not be an easy fight for any one involved, because weapons of mass destruction, we all know as nuclear bombs, will be detonated, I mean why else would they have been built for, if no one would ever use them.

A nuclear destruction is eminent and we should be preparing for that, because super powers understand that to rule this world, the most powerful have to fight and win, for ruler ship.

But it doesn’t matter what these current super powers do, because once they detonate these nuclear bombs, The Most High will let everyone know the truth and everyone will know who The Most High is and will bow down their knees, with their faces toward the earth.

Thanks you, for reading this article!!!