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Social Pollution Is Destroying Our Current Society

Social Pollution

The world in which we live in, is indeed very special because, it was created by The Most High Power of Israel.

We need to learn to take care of this planet, before it is too late for us to turn back to fix it, because we are destroying this planet, with our actions and don’t even know it.

In today’s article we are going to talk about, social pollution, so that we can understand the fundamental changes that the problem, is bringing to society.

Social pollution, is known as behaviors, ideas, and beliefs, which are negatively impacting society and individual members of society.

Social pollution is real, and it is happening to our society, because the complex social relationship systems,  that we have developed in this society, are being eroded.

The set of values and norms, which help to maintain harmonious relationships, between members of our current society, are being changed and polluted.

A harmonious relationship between members of the same society, is indeed needed, to grant each member of that society, full opportunites for development and enjoyment, of a decent way of life free from termoil and exploitation.

Social pollution or degradation of the society, comes as a result, of when the values and norms of a society are eroded.

Values shouldn’t change in a society, unless that society has values and norms which are already degrading and creating social pollution.

Society has to be cleaned, in order for the environment to be cleaned, our current social values are terrible, and we are destroying our society due to our negative beliefs, ideas and behaviors.

Potential sources of bad ideas and behaviors could come from our schools, churches, television shows, radio shows, newspapers, friends and coworkers; therefore, social pollutions could come from anywhere.

Problems are nothing new to society, from ancient time to modern time, society has always faced times of trouble, which ultimately lead that, society to destroy itself.

Alarming population growth, unchecked migration, urbanization, infant mortality, gender gap, literacy, poverty, child labor, unemployment, buglary, gender inequality, marital status, crime against children, domestic violence against women, crime against women, girl and women trafficking, the lack of a dowry system, child abuse, female infanticide, reproductive health status of women, divorce, corruption in different walks of life, violence and terrorism, communal riots, and slums are some of the modem day social problems, which have a continual decadance in the moral and ethical values of the society.

In order to build an ideal society, the people have to learn to follow, the laws, statues and commandments, which have been set up by The Most High Power of Israel.

Positive and negative forces, which may be considered forces of attraction and repulsion, have to be balanced in a society, in order for that society to go in the right direction.

We have to learn to respect the norms and values of our current society, if we want to continue to go into the right direction.

If we don’t make sure that our society goes in the right direction, then it will definitely go in the wrong direction, and will all be destroyed one day.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!