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The Depletion of Natural Resource Destroyed Our World and Current Society

Depletion of natural resources

Our earth, is so beautiful, and yet, many of us, don’t realize, the gift, which was given to us by The Most High.

Therefore, it will be taken away from us one of these days, because we don’t understand how good we have it.

No worries, I will be completely away from religion and only focus, on the disservice we are doing to the planet.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, natural resource depletion, which is another crucial current environment problem.

Our World is Plagued by Our Actions - Thermal Pollution

thermal pollution

Our world is plagued by our actions, we don’t understand how important it is for all of us, to really take care of the planet earth, which was only borrowed to us.

The planet earth does not belong, to anyone, but to The Most High, because He created it all, including yourselves.

Therefore, you don’t even belong, to yourselves.

When we don’t take care of this planet, then the planet does not take care of us.

The Planet that We Have Been Given Is Plagued By Our Actions

air pollution

The planet that we have been given, by The Most High, is beautiful; however, many of us, don’t believe that we have to take care of our wonderful planet.

Therefore, we destroy the planet, without regard and commit sins against our planet and most importantly against, The Most High.

In today’s article we will be talking, about air pollution, and how it has been affecting humans, since the time of its inception.

The Earth We Have Today Is Precious; However Water Pollution Is Killing All of Us

water pollution

The world that we have today, was a gift, and as a gift we should all treat it with appreciation and respect.

We have to really come to the realization, that the earth was given to us, and there will be no other home, similar to it; therefore, we should treat the earth, as a precious joule with respect and justice.

However; most of us, if not all of us, don’t really care about the earth, which houses all living creatures today.

As if we are going to actually receive another earth, which will house all of the necessary things, we need to live.

Oil Spills Are Terrible News to Our Beautiful Planet

Oil spills

The earth is the only home we have and if we don't learn to take care of it, we will all surely be gone one of these days because our planet will be destroyed.

We have to be conscious and considerate of what we do before we decide to take something from the earth, but we are not going to be, because our pride and egotistical ways are on the way and we can't seem to see our earth as a living organism and we should learn to try and have a better relationship with our planet and not destroy it.

The Renewable Energy Revolution in The Continent of Africa

Africa renewable

Google Believes in South Africa’s Green Technology Industry

In today's article we are going to talk about the Green Technology in Africa.

In a continent where the majority of people are against each other, and evil is widespread, coming from internal and external factors; it is impossible for me to imagine that, they would have ever thought to achieve something major, as an endorsement from a major user online company, such as Google.

Google believes that the green technology in South Africa is possible; therefore, the company has put money behind it.

Our Unappreciation for The Planet is Killing our Home

The earth pollution

The earth was given to us to inhabit, and enjoy, we also were given this world, because we as humans need to live somewhere and The Creator of the universe knew that, the earth was the perfect place for humans.

We have to take care of our planet, if we don’t the creator will descend upon us and make us understand, the purpose for life.

We, as smart as we may seem to be, are always on the business of destroying our beautiful world.

We are the only creation, which self-inflicts themselves, meaning we are destroying the very planet, which keeps us alive.


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