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Hacking Is The Best Way to Solve Complex Computer Programming Problems

ethical hacking

Remember when the Internet was very safe, and anyone could leave any type of personal and sensitive information, on the computer, without having to worry about someone stealing that information, because we knew that people didn’t have the ability to do that just yet.

However, in today’s day and age, we must keep personal and sensitive information, secured and safe, because hackers may get their hands on that information.

In today’s article we are going to speak about the hackers, who have been hacking computers, since the Internet was available to them.

The life of a hacker, is to hack computers and expose the information, which a computer has locked into its hard drive.

The information that a hacker obtains, will allow that hacker to cause damage to the victim; therefore, hackers are very dangerous, and to some people they must be stopped.

Although this is true, many people think of images of electronic vandalism, espionage, dyed hair and body piercings, when the idea of hacking enters their head.

Everyone assumes that anyone who engages in hacking activities is a criminal, because most people associate hacking with breaking the law.

Of course the law is broken, during a lot of hacking activities, because people use these techniques to carry out criminal activities.

However, hacking is not really about the criminal aspects of it, there are other aspects of hacking, which are very important to people; therefore many developers use hacking techniques, to accomplish a task or solve problems.

Hacking is actually more about following the law, not breaking it; instead hacking focuses on finding unintended or overlooked uses for the laws and properties, of a given situation, then solving problems, by applying these unintended or overlooked uses of the laws and properties of a given situation, in a new and inventive ways in order to solve computer programming problems.

The following math problem illustrates the essence of hacking: Use each of the numbers 1, 3, 4, and 6 exactly once with any of the four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to total 24.

Each number must be used once and only once, and you may define the order of operations; for example, 3 * (4 + 6) + 1 = 31 is valid, however incorrect, since it doesn’t total 24.

Although the answer of this problem eludes many, the rules for this problem are well defined and simple.

Like the solution to this problem, hacked solutions use those rules in counterintuitive ways although they follow the rules of the system.

Problems confined to conventional thinking and methodologies are now solved by hackers and this gives hackers their edge, allowing them to solve problems in ways unimaginable.

Hackers have been creatively solving problems, since the infancy of computers.

Hacking is all about elegance, because hackers focus on how a program achieve its results, and not so much, achieving the results.

Early hacking was obsessed, with writing programs, which could solve problems well, although solving the problems, was also important to many of hackers, the how was also equally important.

Hacking is all about writing programs, which could achieve the same results, as existing programs, but using less lines of code, work smarter.

Every programmer in the world, know some type of hacking, as long as they are trying to make their program better, to achieve the same results, but with less hassle.

Thank you for reading this article!!!