The Internet Is A Great Source Of Valuable Information


The Internet today is full of information, and the information you find online, it’s most of the time better than the information, that you are being fed through your television set.

The reason being is that you have total control of what you are watching, and you are not just being programmed by your television, instead, you are meticulously choosing what you want to watch online and the information you read on websites.

The only other place where you can find better information are the books you find in libraries, schools and museums.

Books are the best place to find good and credible information; the cyber world is going to be as good as books are, but that day is not here yet.

For now, online information is better than television and radio information, because you are an active reader or listener and watcher.

I should mention that the best source of truth in life, is the bible, no other books or online source can compete with the bible, when it comes to the truth of life.

In today's article, we are going to talk about, how much better, is the information you find online, than the information, that you are being fed through your television screen set.

Conventional media, has been heavily challenged, by the advent of new media, in the twenty first century.

In the United State of America, the circulation print newspapers, have felt the effects of the news media of the Internet.

The Internet revolutionized the printing industry in the United States and the world; the cyber world’s way of publishing important information and new information, has appeared heavily, in the twenty first century, and shaped the way that people publish information to the world.

In some parts of the world, though, this is not the case, because the Internet has not been made available there, as much as it has been made available in many developed countries.

Online media only works heavily, in areas where the Internet has been made heavily available, freely or at a low cost.

In the Unites States for example any one can access the Internet for free on certain places, such as coffee shops, certain fast food restaurants and hotel lobbies.

The people who enjoy online media and read their news online, are consuming information very different from people who consume their information from a television set.

Online media has an effect on recognition and learning skills of the human brain, even when people don't realize it.

What this mean for people who surf the Internet heavily, is that they can choose to become smarter and have a lot of knowledge about any subject, or they can choose to become very dumb, when they choose to go to parts of the cyber world, that does not offer any valuable information, about any subject.

The Internet is full of information, and that information can be valuable or not, it is up to you to consume the right type of information, which would be valuable to you, in your life.

In today's world, a journalist or publicist, are taking advantage of the multiple multimedia features, which are available today, such media avenues are: video, audio, pictures, and hyperlinks, all found in the cyber space of the Internet.

If you would like to get valuable information and be better informed, you may want to go online, as one of your sources, because the cyber world can provide such good and valuable information.

At King Info Life, we pride ourselves in providing the most up to date and most valuable information that we can muster together for you.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, there are many online features, which deserve our attention.

Many of us don’t understand yet, the impact the Internet is going to have in the human life, for years to come.

Even if we decided as a whole to not use the Internet anymore, we are always going to be reminded of how useful the Internet was for many people.

Access to valuable information is vital, to survive in the current world, which we are as a whole shaping, into reality.

The Internet is not going anywhere, we will forever be shaped by the Internet, and if we want to be part of the new real world, which is being shaped by Internet and is happening right, in front of our eyes, then you need to search more and explore more, so that you don’t feel as if you were left behind.

If you are missing in action and feel as though you don’t know what is going on; it is going to be because you didn’t search enough, to find the information you would need to stay current with your reality.

The reason, why we need to pay attention, to the Internet, is because, our television sets, are programming us to be a certain way.

You can’t allow yourselves to be programmed by someone, without your consent first; now don’t get me wrong, you do need to be programmed.

Meaning that you need to have something in your head, that is useful out here in this world.

If you don’t have something useful in your head, then you’ll be just an indispensable tool, which would be used by someone, who is much smarter than you and then throw you aware in your old age, they call that retirement.

When you watch television all day, you are being conditioned to act and react to situations in life, a certain way.

The reason behind this, is still uncertain; however, we can see for ourselves, how society through television, has been conditioning us to think a certain way, and accept certain things into our lives, which we wouldn’t accept, if we weren’t being put under hypnotize.

I wonder who is behind all the violence that has taken place in the world, or what pushes people to harm each other all together.

We should all ask ourselves, where we have learned these things, if we were created by a God that is against hurting the innocent, without cause.

The only place that is conditioning people to think and act, a certain way is the television screen, which has captivated the lives of many people, around the world.

When people consume their news through a television set, they tend to misunderstand and forget the news that they just watched.

One of the reasons for this, could be that they are not actively engaged in searching and selecting the type of news that they would want to watch.

Instead the news, which you are watching on television, are all fed to you by your cable provider, who has an understanding of your routine and your life in general.

Television cable companies, know more about you than you think, it is not an easy task to go about your day, without having to turn your television set on, in today’s world.

So every time you turn on your television set, you are telling your cable company all about your programming preferences.

Therefore, they use that information, to sell you things, to program you and to condition you to be dependent on a system that only cares for itself.

You are living in a real life matrix, when you watch your television set, all the time, all the day long.

The reason why you live in a matrix when you watch your television set, is because you tend to act according to what you watch on the television set.

It is very creepy I know, to imagine that your cable company, knows you very well, to the point where it knows, what type of shows you like to watch, so that it formulates a list of channels and shows, ready for your own personal viewing.

You may not think, that there is a problem with that, but my fellow readers, if your cable company, has the ability to tell you what you should watch, and what you should not watch, based on what your preferences are, then you should be careful with the kind of programming, that you are receiving, because you will be forced to watch something you didn’t intend to watch and like shows you didn’t intend to like.

By the time you are done watching a season of a show, that you would normally hate, you are acting similar to the people on the shows that you watch all the time.

If you are wondering, because I know you are, the Internet can indeed, be used to follow you as well.

You are not safe online either, you may be asking yourselves, whether or not you are being watched online as well.

Well you are, but this is not to harm you, or get to know you, but to feed you with the right marketing, into your personal, web space.

You won't always know, about good things, which may be beneficial to you, based on the searches you do online; therefore, many online advertising companies have been collaborating with major search engines, to understand what it is that you’d like to search the most.

Based on the places you have been online, and the things you like to watch, online marketers are able to present to you, alternative things, which you may not have known about before.

You also, don't have to worry about your Internet telling you what to watch and what not to watch, because you are free to search whatever, you would like to search.

Many people have actually, left the television set, to focus more on their Internet search.

We should also mention that, you are also being watched by your government through the National Security Agency (NSA), because they claim that they have to keep America safer.

But if you are smart enough, you know that your government wants to control you with the Internet, the same way they do, with your television set.

But you can always hide within the Internet, so that when the NSA watches your moves, they would think that it is someone else in front of the computer screen, which they are searching.

Besides, if we are being watched by the NSA, there are programs out there, which can do searches online on your behalf to trick those NSA people, who believe that by knowing you more, they can manipulate you, without programming you.

The main problem with the television set, is that you are not able to escape it, and you are being programmed, while on the Internet, you are being watched, but you are not being programmed, so they’ll never predict who you are based on what you do, you also have to be programmed and conditioned to think a certain way, in order for you to be manipulated.

More than 40% of the American population are consuming their news about national and international events, from the Internet.

More than 60% though say that television, is their main source of international and national news, however, the Internet is closing in on the television set.

A new research done, also confirmed that, more and more people are also, citing the Internet as their main source of information, more than newspapers, books and printed journals.

These finding are also, reinforcing the fact that, people are indeed, moving from the traditional way of consuming information, to the Internet.

Due to how new generations, consume their news from generation to generation, the Internet is expected to become, one of the main sources of information, for many people around the globe.

The trend, of accepting the Internet, more than the television set, is often seen among the young people.

If this trend continues, then the Internet, would be equal to the television set, or maybe surpass its readership in the near future, because the new generation will always replace the old generation.

The Internet and the television, has been in a constant war, for eyeballs since the birth of the Internet.

Although, the Internet has been losing many battles, the Internet is focused on the war, which is at hand.

The Internet can't never go anywhere, it is here to stay and many people, will have to get on board, so that they don't feel left behind.

Once the Internet takes over, as the main source of valuable information and many people realize, that the cable television doesn't do anything for your intelligence, many people, will seek to learn something new from the Internet, more than from the television set.

The one problem with news online though, is that the credibility of your sources, have to be real, so you have to make sure that you are consuming, your news and information, from credible sources.

Remember the Internet can make you a smarter person, or a dumber person, depending on how well you use your time online.

Many people criticize the online information, found on many websites, because people often say, that web based information does not have a high-level of factual substantiation or analysis.

Also, many online websites, are not being pressured to present truthful information, rather than biased information.

Many hybrid news, have also been called into question, because of the biased and misleading, information found online.

Online users though, seem to not care about the credibility of the information, they consume online, because they continue to seek after non-credible information online, and don’t utilize other places, such as the library and museums, to back up the information found online.

Besides, online media has caught on to the fact, that many of them, may be misleading their readers, and to avoid being black balled online, they make sure that their information is accurate, and not misleading.

The information, you obtain on this website for example, is very much so credible, because we find our information, from credible sources, such as libraries, newspapers, journals, and even online as well as the bible.

Most of our research, is also based on the traditional media that is already available to you, so some of the information you find, here, you should be able to also find it, in other places, so that you can be assured, that we didn't just pull our information, from thin air.

The relationship, between people and their news, is fundamentally changing due to the presence of the internet.

People are consuming their news, not only on a television set, or a computer, but today, they are consuming their information from other types of computing devices, which were not available a decade ago.

Also many people, access the news when the spirit moves them, or they find interesting headlines, that they see on social networking sites, or search engines.

The fact that people, are also swapping links in emails, posting news stories on their social networking sites feeds, highlighting news on their threads, is making the experience of obtaining news on the Internet, a shared social experience.

The Internet is here to stay, my fellow reader, and in many occasions, it has proven to be a more effective tool, than the conventional news outlet, to voice your opinion.

People, have also been able to become famous, from things, that people wouldn't even imagine, but yet, they go viral so quick, that they don't even know how to respond to their digital popularity, because they weren't ready for it.

The Internet, is indeed better than television, and it has given many people the opportunity, to express many of their ideas, share their emotions, showcase their skills and share their lives with their family, friends and the rest of the world.

Go Internet!!! Thank you for reading this article!!!


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Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI.