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Selfies Have A Negative Impact in Our Society and We Refuse to Pay Attention to The Signs


The society in which we are living has changed ever since the mobile devices have entered, the world stage.

In today’ s article we are going to talk, about a phenomenon, which has taken the world by storm, without us, even being okay with this movement.

Many of us just accepted it, because it was cool, and the thing to do, because everyone does it and loves it.

We are going to talk about selfies, which by the way it is being celebrated today, as a national day, because it is national selfies day; are we opening Pandora’s Box? Humans have always been obsessed with taking pictures of themselves, however the selfies that we see today is a modern way of taking pictures of ourselves, with families or friends.

Selfies give people the sense of fulfillment, this is why many people take selfies, and in some cases, it may be therapeutic for others.

Researchers at the University of California Irving, believe that taking selfies, is actually beneficial; because they conducted a study with students, where they noticed, that students who took selfies, three times throughout the day, had a boost to their mood.

The students who participated in the study, and took selfies throughout the day, also felt better about themselves and more confident with themselves.

We do believe indeed, that our mobile devices can actually bring a benefit to our lives, despite the fact that there are many signs, which suggest otherwise.

Selfies are not good for anyone, and we should all come to terms with that, according to the bible, we are going to become lovers of ourselves in the last days, we should really take into consideration, what the bible says.

Given the fact that the bible looks at selfies as a negative thing, to a society and there has also been research on the area of selfies, suggesting that people who take a lot of selfies, have narcissistic personalities which is also negative to society, should suggest to us, that we shouldn’t be taking a lot of selfies.

Selfies are criticized as being something negative to a society, by many studies and the bible as well, but we refuse to take this into consideration, instead we continue to take selfies, and even celebrate the selfies as a national day.

Is it really necessary for us as a society, to take selfies every day? Not really, we are a self-absorbed society, who is being conditioned for the great deception, which is coming soon and will take everyone by surprise, because we are all self-absorbed and don’t take the time, to understand the world around us and make better decisions, based on what is going on around us.

People who take a lot of selfies are proud of their appearance as well, they have an exaggerated interest in admiration of themselves and their physical appearance.

The selfies are the new kind of social sickness, because people who take a lot of selfies, are also selfish and tend to become sick and even die, in the process of taking selfies.

People have a problem of being praised by others, when they take selfies and post their selfies on different online social networks, according to a study.

People always pose in weird and unnatural styles, in their photos, hoping that they get attention, because they seek attention from their friends to gain more likes, on online social media websites.

We are witnessing a self-absorbed society, being raised right in front of our eyes and there is nothing we can do about it.

I leave you with this quote from the American Psychiatric Association, which says

“if a person takes three selfies in a day (especially the ones with duck-faced), then he or she surely has some mental disorder.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!