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The Scrum Methodology is A Framework that Helps The Development Life Cycle of Any Prodcut

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YouTube Stars have Allowed YouTube to Take Control of Their Income - Big Mistake


All the people, who don’t understand the Internet, and try to make money from it, always fail, because they don’t want to do what it takes to own the Internet.

When you go online, you have to be thinking total domination, in order for you to be able to make some real money online.

But instead many people piggy back, off the backs of other websites, which are authoritative websites online, to make a living for themselves, which is very dangerous.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the YouTube problem, many YouTube stars are facing right now and how you can avoid, becoming the victim of an authoritative website’s change of heart.

YouTube stars made a mistake, because they allowed YouTube, to take control of their finances, until they were done wrong, by YouTube as they have claimed.

YouTube is an authoritative website, not the videos, which are playing on the website, the videos on the website, do not make YouTube who it is today.

The videos, which are playing on the website, are just that, videos, they don’t have any type of reputation as YouTube has; instead these videos, use the YouTube platform, to become who they are today.

The stars of this website, should have known better, than to let a website, push them all the way to stardom level and not take ownership of a place online, to become authoritative online.

When you allow another website, to make who you are in the online world, then the cyber world, will not have mercy on you, because you would be at the mercy of the people who are behind, whichever website, you decide to fill up with content.

Another mistake people are making, is that they constantly upload content, to other people’s website, making the website look better in the cyber world.

The cyber world respects real work, from the people who would like to set themselves up, to earn money online.

Anyone can really make money online, but a person has to work hard, someone who wants to make their living online, can’t just sit  and relax and let it happen.

It is all about that hard work, we can’t just rely on skills, or on who we know, or what we know, because it won’t be enough to get something working online.

People need to understand, that it is only hard work, that gets the job done, but many of us have gotten complaisant and forgot about all the work a person has to do, in order to take control of their finances.

Also those YouTube stars, didn’t have a deeper reason for making YouTube videos, other than to just make money.

When people don’t understand the purpose of money, then they misuse the monetary income that they receive, therefore, becoming very poor.

Why? Because these people are not taking their income very seriously, and when you don’t take your income very seriously, then bad things end up happening to that person.

Bad things such as getting fired from a job, losing a serious bet to someone, or not receiving a check from a third party company after a job, are some of the bad things, that people go through, when people don’t take their income very seriously.

The income we make is part of our livelihood, and when we let other people or a company have complete control of our finances, then they are taking care of us.

If that person or company decides, one day that they don’t have to pay us, any more money, then we are be left out in the cold, without any pay checks to pay our bills.

It is a very daunting task to start your own business, but those YouTube stars, who lost their livelihoods, to YouTube, because they want to allow that website, to pay them, then complain when that website straight up just deceive them, were not taking their income seriously.

But to YouTube’s defense, the website didn’t deceive anyone, it just changed, the way that they pay people, and if those people weren’t expecting their livelihood to be changed, then these people were living in a fantasy world.

Thank you for reading this article!!!