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test driven development

Test Driven Development has Revolutionized the Software Development Life Cycle Part II

The programming arena is plagued with many issues, which developers can solve, when they follow a software development methodology, which suites the project.

In today’s article we are going...

test driven development

Test Driven Development has Revolutionized the Software Development Life Cycle

In the programming arena, developers have to work in the dark, which is very similar to walking in a dark house from room, to room to understand what each room can do, and use that room for a...

lean software development

The Seven Principles of Lean Software Development

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project management

Project Management is Essential for Projects to be Completed

A project must be managed well, in order for the project, to not go through certain problems and be able to face uncertainties.

Without project management, everything we see today, wouldn’t...

The Application Development Process is A Complicated and Intricate Process

Application developement

The applications which we use today are very valuable to people, this is why many people use them; therefore, we need to understand them better.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, setting up an application in any platforms, so that it is useful to your clients.

In order for a developer to develop an application on any platform, an environment has to be set up on the computer first.

Without your environment, you will not be able to develop an application, which is useful to your users.

An environment will need a software development kit, in order for the development to be completely set up.

Once you have the environment set up, you can continue to develop your application, to bring value to your clients and change the world.

The development of your application of course, doesn't begin with setting up your environment.

A developer, would of course have to plan, design and analyze their application, before they can even start to write the code for the application.

Each steps of the application development life cycle, are indeed very important, and understanding the steps, clearly will help a developer, finish their application successfully.

During the development process of the application, developers would usually create the web application architecture and framework, design the database structure, develop / customize the web application modules, libraries and classes, and complete the development and implementation of all functionalities, of the application.

Once these steps have been taken, then testing and bug fixing begins, until the application is good enough to serve clients.

The first successful deployment of any application, is the first version of the application and once the application is upgraded, the application is added another version number, to identify the updated application.

The architecture of an application, would give a developer insights on how the application, works.

An Android operating system for example, is a stack of software components, which are divided into components, which are used by the application.

The stacks of software components, are: the applications, the application framework, the android runtime, the libraries and the Linux Kernel.

A developer should also be aware of the application components, which are the essential building blocks of an Android application.

The four main components, which are used within Android applications are: Activates, Broadcast Receivers, Services and Content Providers.

The more knowledge a developer has about application development, the quicker he/she will be able to develop their application.

An application will be able to do its job, thanks to its Activities, which are windows that contains the user interface of an application.

The user is able to interact with the application, through the activities, and these activities can be one or more than one in an application.

Activities go through a number of stages, from the moment they appear on the screen, to the moment they disappear from the screen.

In order to ensure that an application works correctly, a developer should understand the life cycle of an activity.

Among other terms which a developer should learn is intent, because it enables, different activities from different applications, to be able to work together.

Intents help activities work seamlessly and ensure that tasks can be performed as though they all belong to the same application.

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