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computer forensics

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computer forensics

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The Impacts of The Mobile Technology In Our Society - Text Messaging


Mobile technology, has come into our lives, to definitely, change it and turn it into, a different type of life, due to the changes, that it provides to the lives of many people.

Many people don’t see the tremendous impact that mobile devices, have had in their lives, because we are so immersed in the mobile world.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the, text messaging technology, and how much it has impacted society.

Short message service, or SMS is often known as texting, and sending text message.

One cell phone or the web, is able to send short text messages, to another cell phone, due to the services, provided, by SMS.

Text messages, are fast and very efficient, thanks to all the technology, which is available today.

One technology, which extends SMS, is media messaging service, which allow, users, to send pictures, which are longer in content lengths.

Everyone around the globe uses SMS, due to the many applications, which are now available, for you to send your friends or families, text-based messages.

The best part of some of these applications, is that, you can send your messages, for free, because these applications, make money from the users indirectly.

Most people in today’s day and age, use cell phones, and most of those people, who use a cell phone, use SMS.

In sounds like it’s a wonderful thing to have this technology around; however, many concerns have been raised.

The fact that many people are using mobile devices, to send text-messages, does raise concerns, among people, and these concerns have to be discussed, and analyzed.

Many people do view cell phones, as a necessity, to the point where, they don’t know what to do, when they lose their cell phones, when at a club or out somewhere.

Every teenager and adult, must have a cell phone in today’s society, and human beings are growing, increasingly attached to their mobile devices.

People depend on cell phones, for their communications with other people, job duties, and other daily activities, which they must accomplish.

When you go anywhere public today, you will see the majority of people, glued to their phones, typing away, and not really paying attention to their surroundings.

Sometimes, we become those people too, because we realize that we have things, which need to be taken care off immediately and that only a cell phone could accomplish that task.

Texting can be dangerous to some people, because people become addicted, to texting and they do it at any time, during the day.

Even when people are behind the wheels, they go on ahead and text, away as if, they don’t need to pay attention to the road, causing many accidents and deaths.

Texting can also be rude, during a classroom-setting lecture, because the teacher or professor, won’t be able to teach the students, due students who are distracted texting someone on their mobile device.

The level of technology, we have today, has been deteriorating the quality of communication we used to have.

Many people will become insensitive, to the impersonal nature of communication through technology, because our technology, will continue to change the way we communicate with each other.

We have not seeing too many negative impacts from text messaging, on a major scales, except the many car accidents, we hear of, due to text and driving, and the many teenagers, who are exploited through text, by other teenagers, through sexting, which is a terrible thing to do , to young people.

However, we have yet to see, the major impacts of texting and doing anything else that is important.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!