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Our Society Has Changed Dramatically, Due to Mobile Devices and Their Operating Systems

mobile os

The world that we live in today, has changed dramatically, by the inventions, which we are blessed with, from above.

When a man creates something, you must understand, that only a powerful being named The Most High, allowed, for that person, to have access to knowledge, which allowed him/her, to be able to create that invention.

Without the permission of The Most High; we wouldn’t have anything that, you see in front of your face today.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a mobile technology, which makes the world of the mobile website, applications and devices, a reality.

We are going to talk about, the operating system of the mobile devices, which exist today.

Without the operating system, of mobile devices, we wouldn’t have been able, to utilize our mobile devices, because, it is the operating systems of mobile devices, that give mobile devices a purpose in our lives.

Smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices, are able to run applications and programs without a problem, due to the fact that, a mobile operating system (OS) was created.

When a mobile device, is powered on, you would see the mobile OS at work, because the mobile OS, starts up, as soon as the mobile device, has been powered on.

A screen with icons, or a password protected screen, is one of the first things, which a user will see.

The user is presented with other things as well, to give the user, information about the mobile device.

The user is also presented with a way, to have access to applications, which have been installed in the mobile device.

Cellular and wireless network connectivity, as well as phone access, is also managed by the mobile operating system.

Some of the most used mobile operating systems, in the marker today are: The Apple iOS, the Google Android, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS, Nokia’s Symbian, Hewlett-Packard’s webOS (formerly Palm OS) and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.

Some of the mobile operating systems, are able to function as both, a traditional desktop OS, and a mobile operating system.

The Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS, is a good example of an operating system, which can function as both, a mobile operating system and a traditional operating system.

There is little flexibility, with most mobile operating systems, because most of the mobile OS, which exist today, are tied to specific hardware.

If you are however, a good hacker, you’ll be able to jailbreak or root some devices out there.

If you are really, really good at hacking, and know and understand what you are doing; you’ll be able to do whatever you want, to any phone you want.

You will even be able, to unlock, restricted applications, which some mobile devices, wouldn’t allow you to do.

Mobile devices, are increasing in popularity, a lot of people around the world, prefer a mobile device, to consume their news and information, find and use online services and entertain themselves with their favorite website, videos or music.

Mobile devices, are just a lot more portable, then any other devices, which is why many people tend to prefer a mobile device, over a stationary computer.

The impact of mobile devices in our life is increasing continuously; therefore, we should all pay attention, at the way that we use our mobile phones, and how much of the mobile devices, do we use during the day.

We should really become conscious, about the impact, which mobile devices is having in our society and our personal lives.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!