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The Virtual Reality Technology, is Starting to Receive A Lot of Attention

Virtual Reality

The technology that we enjoy today, is indeed more advanced and very different from the technology, we had in the past.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the virtual reality technology (VR), to understand its implications in our society.

Using nothing more than the power of technology, we have created a way for us to travel, using virtual reality, in a fascinating new way.

Virtual reality or VR, uses a headset and motion tracking technology, to allow the users to look around, and give the user the experience, of actually being, in a virtual space.

The VR technology has never truly caught on, although it has been a promising technology.

However, the current wave of VR products, is making the VR technology become more and more attractive to consumers.

Anyone can use their smart phones, to be VR devices, all they need is a mobile headset, which is a shell with lenses, which separates the screen, into two images for your eye and can house a smartphone, to be used as a VR device.

A smartphone, won’t offer the best picture, even when special lenses are built for them.

When you just convert smartphones into a VR device, you won’t get the best VR experience, because smartphones, are not designed, specifically for VR.

When we compare smartphones, to PC or game console-based VR, smartphones can’t compete as a VR device, it can’t stand a chance.

The bottom line is that, if you want to use a VR device, don’t just use your smartphone to experience virtual reality; instead use a device which was developed specifically for VR.

The virtual reality technology experience is indeed a cool experience, but most people don’t want to experience that reality all the time.

Besides, what is really the point of this technology really, it is not serving people in a way that they can use it, in their everyday lives.

Many people claim that this technology is useful, in the military for example, virtual reality can be used for battlefield simulation, in order to train soldiers.

Traditional training methods are sometimes too risky and expensive, but virtual reality eliminates any expenses and risk of injury.

Virtual reality can also be used for flight simulation, battlefield simulation, medic training (battlefield), vehicle simulation, and virtual boot camp.

So as you can see, the virtual reality technology can be used for something; however, what are the implications of virtual reality, and how is it stimulating our brains long term? First, when someone uses a VR device, and they take it off the device, many people feel dizzy and sick.

Due to realistic simulated motion, the VR technology can have long term neurological effects on someone; however, we chose to ignore the signs.

Another negative effect of the VR technology, is the fact that a user, has in front of their eyes a screen that is inches away, and you know what can happen if you sit too long and too close in front of the television.

We don’t know yet, how the VR technology can affect our brains, and we need to figure out this technology a bit more, before we create another system that is supposed to be helping our society, but it is really destroying our society.

Thank you for reading this article!!!