Ancient Technology and Ancient Civilizations


Ancient Technology: Ancient technology has been categorized as a kind of technology that came about due to ancient societies and their technologies.

Some of these societies were Egypt and the Aztec Mayans, who made advances in engineering and early environmental science.

Ancient technology really isn't ancient at all, instead it is technology, based off of using natural elements from the earth in order to make your life much easier.

Sounds familiar, ain’t it? Well long before computers, cellphones, cars, trains, and airplanes, heating and cooling systems, ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations were already successfully uses these amenities, which we enjoy today.

A great example of this is the antikythera mechanism which is said to be a mechanical analog computer that ancient civilizations would use to calculate the movement of the stars and planets, as a means to navigate around the earth, going to different places.

It sounds to me, like the citizens of the ancient world, already had a Global Position System in place.

This ancient analog computer, was discovered during the 1900 (ad) and scientists say that it contains a complex system of dials, gears and cogs all in perfect precision.

Well I think I've heard of this before it's called a GPS, I guess nothing really is new under the sun, as we can conclude from the bible.

The Baghdad Battery also known as the Parthian Battery, was said to be invented by the Persian Empire in Mesopotamia, it is not really specified when it was created exactly, but it is believed that it was invented, during the early centuries AD.

The world as we know it, didn't find out about the Baghdad Battery, until 1938-1940, it has since been placed, into the National Museum of Iraq, man aren't we so late.

Many of the things you use today, to live your life and accomplish many of the things, you want to accomplish daily, were already present, long before you were born.

Long before the trains and planes as we know it existed, there were ancient planes of South America and Egypt, flying around, really.

Well it is said to be true through jewelry that was produced by the Chimú culture, a people which today are called Colombian; the ancient artifacts appear to look very similar to our modern day airplanes.

Also, artifacts have been found from ancient Egypt as well, these artifacts are called wooden falcons.

The wooden falcons according to an Egyptian doctor Khalil Messiha, who found them, are wooden toys that have perfect aerodynamic form and can sail in the air for a few yards when thrown; which to me is amazing considering the time frame, what a great discovery.

If you don’t consider the wooden falcons to be the reason, why there are airplanes in today’s society, you should at least consider the fact that ancient societies, were already thinking about building flying objects, which could transport them from point A, to point B.

The people in these ancient societies, were very wise, but they didn’t have the access to knowledge and information we have today.

I am sure if the people of ancient societies were here today, they would be rulers over us, because they would have a greater understanding, of the information and knowledge that are freely available to all of us.

Now taking it to Alexandria, Greece, there was an inventor/engineer by the name of Heron who discovered several devices.

One of the devices that he discovered, included an aeolipile also known as "Hero's Engine." The Hero's Engine is best described as a modern day steam engine, it is a metal ball filled with water and has opposing bent tubes on both sides of it and spins, the hotter and hotter the steam gets from inside, the more and more it spins and exhausts steam.

Therefore, ancient technologies, were already thinking about building and developing engines, which would help them accomplish things in life, such as flying in the air and driving on the roads.

Alright let’s now travel back to Egypt and examine the Abydos Carvings, which depicts a very distinct helicopter, boat and what appears to be a futuristic space-ship.

The Abydos Carvings is believed to be a very historical site in Egypt, and as you may already have guessed it, this site is a very controversial one as well.

The carving is located within the Temple of Seti the 1st (Seti I).

Recently there has been debates and many questions have emerged about these paintings, because people can’t believe that ancient civilizations were thinking in such a way already.

One of these questions, is how could such a carving exist, given the fact that it was found in a very ancient site in Egypt.

Many people also believe that the carvings are a by-product of re-carving, which means that someone has carved these carvings again purposely.

The re-carving theory would be possible, if people today through an unknown special sand-stone filler that the Egyptians were very experienced in using at the time, were able to use in today’s carving, but this couldn’t be true neither.

Today, the re-carving theory is coming under major scrutiny since many experiments have been performed by scientists.

However, no one has been able to duplicate the effects of a re-carving effectively, which leads a lot of scientists to rule it out as a possibility.

Secondly, some researchers’ say that the Golden Section Concept which is a theory that the original carvings could be covered and re-carved and could still align perfectly is pretty un-realistic, whether or not one theory is right and the other is wrong, it’s still up for debate.

Another ancient invention is the famous Dendera Lights of Dendera found on the walls of Egypt.

The walls of Egypt depict what some believe, to be an ancient form of electrical technology or lighting system.

Most of the mainstream Egyptologist of today disagree with the carving, meaning that it couldn't possibly mean anything other than a lotus flower birthing a snake.

But many people are wrong, as the walls of Egypt, are full of secrets and the people can’t seem to understand the carvings.

In my opinion the idea that the carving is a light bulb does not seem farfetched, the picture in my opinion looks very similar to a modern day light bulb, and it even looks as though, it’s plugged up into something in the picture, check for yourself at this website: Without a doubt the picture clearly depicts a man holding a giant light bulb that illustrates a light bulb illuminated in the room, where he is.

But we couldn't possibly believe that the man is in fact holding a light bulb, because we cannot find the proof or artifacts to support the Dendera Lights theory.

The fact that we can’t find physical evidence, doesn't mean that you have to believe that it couldn't have existed, for all we know the ancient technologies could have existed, and all the technology that we have today is similar to what the people of ancient technology had back then, just in a more natural conducive way.

Well, it makes me think and it should make you think as well that, the world that we live in today may just be a repeat of the ancient past just based now on machines and not natural things.

Ancient Technology Continue: The rebirth of a nation.

Many people don’t consider the past, because they deem it old and boring; these people also believe that they couldn’t use the past, in their present life, because it is without value to them, and they don’t know how to see the beauty and the many treasures of the past.

When you are able to discover what history is really all about, then you’ll be able to understand the world from a different perspective.

You will also learn the reason why the world is the way it is today, and why many people have not been able to really change it, to a much better place.

Due to our ancient technology, we have been geared to have the life that we have today.

Yes indeed, our world was shaped by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

The knowledge and wisdom held by the people of our past, often leave us scratching our heads, searching for answers, because we can’t figure, their wisdom, for the most part.

We can’t figure out how to use their past technology, in today’s world.

Given the fact that we have so much more access to knowledge and information today, even more than those people in ancient societies; we still can’t figure out a way to live a better life, which is conducive to our environment.

Although many of the ancient technology was forgotten, due to incredible advances in engineering and innovation; many of these forgotten ancient technology were re-invented later in our society.

By re-invented, I don’t mean that we totally figure out, other ancient technologies, but we have figure out some of these ancient technologies, and use them, in today’s society.

Many technologies, which we claim were discovered by us, were already here in the minds and hearts of the people, of ancient societies, who had so much wisdom.

Don’t forget about King Salomon of the Bible, he was the son of David the King of Israel, and he really existed.

King Salomon was said to be a very wise man, and that Israel was a powerful nation during his ruler ship.

These two great kings were not the only great man to walk, the face of this earth, many other great men with great wisdom and knowledge have also walked the face of this planet, including Jesus.

So you can see, that we have been among great man, long before anyone today, thought about a cell phone, I am sure that Jesus, already knew more about our present technology, then we do today.

However, we seem to forget about these men and the fact that they contributed to our technology.

The reason why we forget our technology so quick is because, we easily forget our own history, and we have been conditioned to be that way.

I bet that you can’t remember half of things you did last month, or even last week, or what about yesterday.

We live in a society today which, prepares us to forget our history, or to just accept the history that is thrown at us at school.

We are taught certain things, by the powers that want the world the way it is today, because they don’t want you to know the truth.

We don’t go and do our own research to verify that we are not being lied to our faces.

For example, we don’t really know about the history of all those ancient empires, which we hear about in the bible, such as Babylon, Egypt and Samaria, things become fuzzy, when we go back that far.

Another reason for us forgetting the past so easy is that, the powers of the world today, don’t want you to wake up to your potential and your true identity; because that would destroy the world as we know it.

Therefore, it is beneficial for them to keep you asleep, so that you are a slave and serve them forever and ever.

When we say them, we mean the people who are ruling the world today.

Anyways, back to the fact of the matter, ancient technology is helping us today, whether you believe it or not.

The ideas that we use today, to power up our houses, to transport ourselves from point A to point B and even to fight our battles in war, are all ideas, and tactics that have existed for years.

We however, have forgotten of how far we have come, due to the fact that, as I mentioned before, those who are in power want history to play in their favor and the favor of their people.

Therefore, they would lie to people and spread a lie that is very big, that forces everyone to act according to the wishes of those who are in power.

The history of humanity, is full of anomalies, because the museums of the world, are full of artifacts and records that don’t fit, and historians have to deal with these anomalies.

When most historians face anomalies in history, they usually ignore them, deny them or try to debunk these anomalies.

Closed minded historians have led our history to be very convoluted and fuzzy, thus giving us a present society, that does not have any true knowledge of what happened thousands of years ago.

All of the hoaxes and mistakes that have been thrown at us during history class, have to be rectified, this is why, it is a good thing, to do your own research about what people tell you about history.

Many history books deserve investigation and you need to be the one who conducts such detail investigations, so that you won’t be fooled again.

Until next time, this is acadet signing off, leave us a like or comment as we shall continue this discussion.

Thanks, for reading!!!!


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