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Ancient Technology: Ancient technology has been categorized as a kind of technology that came about due to ancient technologies such as Egypt and the Aztec Mayans making advances in engineering and early environmental science. Ancient technology really isn't ancient at all its technology is based off of using natural elements of the earth in order to make your life much easier. Sounds familiar well long before computers, cellphones, cars, trains, airplanes, heating and cooling systems, ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations such as Greece were already successfully doing this.

Anatikythera Mechanism

A great example of the ancient technology that existed within ancient civilizations, the antikythera mechanism is said to be a mechanical analog computer that ancient civilizations would use to calculate the movement of the stars and planets, as a means to navigate going to different places. It was discovered during 1900 (ad) and scientists say that it contains a complex system of dials, gears and cogs all in perfect precision. Well I think I've heard of this before it's called a GPS, I guess nothing really is new under the sun, uh?

The Baghadad Battery

This ancient technology is also known as the Parthian Battery was said to be invented by the The Persian Empire around 250 BCE; the world as we know it didn't find out about it until 1938-1940 when it was placed into the National Museum of Iraq, man aren't we so late. Long before the trains and planes as we know it existed there were ancient planes of South America and Egypt, flying around, really? Well it is said to be true through jewelry that was produced by ChimĂș culture, a culture which today is called Colombian; the ancient artifacts appear to look very similar to our modern day airplanes. Also, artifacts have been found from ancient Egypt as well, these artifacts are called wooden falcons.

The wooden falcons

According to an Egyptian doctor Khalil Messiha, who found them, the wooden falcons are wooden toys that have perfect aerodynamic form and can sail in the air for a few yards when thrown; which to me is amazing considering the time frame, what a great discovery. Hero's Engine Now taking it to Alexandria, Greece there was an inventor/engineer by the name of Heron, he discovered several devices one of which included a aeolipile or "Hero's Engine". The Hero's Engine is best described as a modern day steam engine, it is a metal ball filled with water that has opposing bent tubes on both sides of it and spins, the hotter and hotter the steam gets from inside, the more and more it spins and exhausts steam. Abydos Carvings The carvings depict a very distinct helicopter, boat and what appears to be a futuristic space-ship which is believed to be a very historical site in Egypt and a controversial one as well, is also an example of how our ancestors were already thinking and living the world we live in today. The carving is located within the Temple of Seti the 1st (Seti I), recently there has been debates and theories as to how such a carving could exist, one of which being that the carvings are a by-product of re-carving. The re-carving theory would be possible through an unknown special sand-stone filler that the Egyptians were very experienced in using at the time. Today, the re-carving theory is coming under major scrutiny since many experiments have been performed by scientists and no one has been able to duplicate the effects of a re-carving effectively which leads a lot of scientists to rule it out as a possibility. Secondly, some researchers say that the Golden Section Concept which is a theory that the original carvings could be covered and re-carved and could still align perfectly is pretty unrealistic, whether or not one theory is right and the other is wrong its still being debated. The famous

Dendera Lights

of Dendera, Egypt depict what some believe to be an ancient form of electrical technology or lighting system. Most of the mainstream Egyptologists of today disagree with the carving meaning that it couldn't possibly mean anything other then a lotus flower birthing a snake. In my opinion that seems a little far fetched, the picture in my opinion looks very similar to a modern day light bulb, it even looks as though its plugged up into something in the picture, check for self at this website: With out a doubt we couldn't possibly believe because we can not find the proof or artifacts to support the Dendera Lights theory. Many scientists don't believe that it couldn't have existed, for all we know the ancient technologies could have had all the technology that we have today just in a natural way. Well, it makes me think and it should make you think as well that the world that we live in today may just be a repeat of the ancient past just based now on machines and not natural things.

Many ancient technologies, leaves us awe-struck, they date back thousands of years, and have revealed to us the knowledge and wisdom of the people of our past.

As new and powerful civilizations emerged and came to dominate the ancient world, they made incredible advances in engineering and innovation. New ways of understanding their world resulted from these advances and stimulated societies to adopt new ways of living and governance. Many ancient inventions were re-invented millennial later, many were forgotten, lost to the pages of history.

Many ancient technologies though remain a mystery, which archaeologists seldom mention them, even among themselves. Some of these mysteries are the crystal skull, the measurement of pi, the size of the circle in the pyramid, the human footprint covered by a dinosaur track in Texas and the vessels recovered from the earliest tombs of Egypt. Also the cut so finely that our technology couldn't duplicate the result, for that matter the cutting on the pyramid stones themselves. We have encountered many mysteries and there will be many others. Until next time, this is acadet signing off, leave us a like or comment as we shall continue this discussion

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Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI.