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The Blacks of America, The Hispanics and The Native Americans, Are Not Fairly Treated Within The Educational System of America

black education

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, we have heard this phrase before, and we are using it here in this article, because the mind is one of the most important parts of your body.

Yes of course other organs in your body are as important as well, but the mind is the tool we use to interact with our environment.

Therefore, when we waste our minds, then we are not able to interact with each other, and the planet, the way we should.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the educational system in the black community, and how it has affected the education of the black community.

The education of the black man, has not been a smooth ride for the black people, here in America, because the black community faced too many educational issues.

The need for better education and adequate funding for schools serving minority and disadvantaged students as well as other issues, are some of the problems, impacting the education of the black man.

The black community does not receive adequate education, and as a result the performance of black kids, are systematically inferior from that of other racial and ethnic groups.

Also black people need to be taught by black people, the recruiting and retraining of teachers and professors of color are very important, for the proper educational development of black children.

Some black kids go through their entire educational career without having a teacher who looks similar to them.

As a result from the lack of black teachers and educators, black kids can’t identify with the uniqueness of their cultural heritage; therefore, forgetting or not learning about who they really are, according to history books, including the bible.

Word on the street is:

The Black Americans, Hispanics and Native American Man Women and Children are The True Jews of The Bible

Another thing that is a problem for people of color in education, is the fact that adequate and equitable resources, are not available to black kids, which is very important to the future success and development for black students.

Black students in particularly black males, don’t receive fair treatment in a predominately white school.

Black students are usually placed in special education classes unfairly, and the number remains low,  for black students who are in advanced courses and take honor classes.

Also schools for black children, are more of a farm that helps black children to become criminals and condition them to go to jail.

Most black teens in high school, will not go to college, and will certainly end up in jail, dead end jobs, or unemployed.

We need to talk about how racism manifests itself, into our educational system.

We can clearly see that the inner city schools are not really working out for black people; in addition to the inadequate levels of educational funding, other factors also affect the quality of education for black people.

Racial bias, which reveals itself through school discipline and the curricula of choices, shows that black people are not being properly educated, in the school system of America.

The classrooms in America clearly show that there is an evident legacy of slavery and racial bias against black Americans.

After many years of fighting and struggling to be part of the white society, the black community and America are still separate and unequal.

Thank you,  for reading this article!!!