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The Blacks of America, The Hispanics and The Native Americans, Are The Real Hebrews of The Bible

The Lost Tribes of Israel

THE SO CALLED JESUS IS BLACK. So the white men is not the devil and we are just supposed to ignore, all the atrocities and crimes they committed against another group of people in the world, and against humanity.

The crimes being promoted by the so called white men, have been so well carried out, that the victims, have not realized yet the degree of destruction, that this devil have caused to them.

Many people who are the victims of this devil, are psychotic and don’t even know it, because many of the victims have become the criminal, and the criminals have become the victim.

That’s how well, the crimes of this white devil, have become, he has deceived the whole world, as the bible says.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the black men being the real Jews of the Bible and how, many people tend, to deny us our true identity.

The identity of the black men has been stolen; ever since slavery the so called Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans have been on the same path of destruction, and it is all because the white men is the devil, the bible speaks off.

According to the bible, we the black people, here, in America are the true descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who was later named Israel.

Many people think and believe that the real Jews of the bible, are white people living in Israel, currently; however, this is a lie, in fact this is a lie, this is a lie, my fellow readers, the white race, changed the history books, to please their agenda.

The white race conquered the world, and told everyone, that Jesus, is white and that the real Jews are the white people who live in Israel, today.

When you look into history and into the bible, you will find out, that the nation of people who had the Hebrew Israelites, under bondage, never took away their identity, and rule over them according to their laws of the bible.

No other nation on the planet of the earth, changed the race of Jesus to be white, but the white race; and the only reason they did, that was because the white men is the devil.

You don’t understand, the degree of a devil the white race really is, according to the bible.

Let’s clarify something before we continue, we can see why you and many others would deem this article, to be racist against white people.

But we are not trying to do that, we are just trying to wake up the black people of America, as the true Jews of the bible.

I know it is hard for a lot of people to believe it; however, it is true, we the black people of America, The Native Americans and The Hispanics are all the true chosen people of God, The Most High power of Israel.

The black men in America, is the tribe of Judah and many people today, in America, are on the corners of the streets, crying out loud and showing the people of The Most High power of Israel, their transgression.

According to the bible, this is what the real prophets, and priest of the Lord are supposed to do, we are supposed to be in the corners of the streets, speaking the truth, which is that the real Jews of the Bible are the black people and all the oppressed people of the world, who are under captivity by the white devil and those nations who fulfill prophesy in the bible.

Especially the people who came here on cargo slave ships, all of us are part of one family; however, the white devil, did a number on us and stole this land, we all know as America, stole the real Jews, from the West Coast of Africa, and enslaved us for four hundred years, and counting.

Thank you for reading this article!!!