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The Components of Matter - Elements, Compounds and Mixtures


The world, which The Most High created is very magnificent, it is very well crafted, and the intelligence which was used to put this planetarium universe together is, something we can’t comprehend because we are dumb humans, compared to the intelligence of The Most High Power of Israel.

In today’s article we are going to talk about a brief introduction about the components of matter, which exist in the world, and all around us.

When I say all around, I mean an unusual stone, and any manufactured objects, such as: a computer, an automobile, a book or a home.

We have been studying matter for hundreds of years now, and still don’t have a full understanding of it.

We study matter very differently, from our ancient ancestors, such as ancient Israel, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and finally Greece.

The Greek way of understanding matter, is the way we think today, and it is through atoms.

We beleived that the study of atoms is the way of studying matter, therefore we studied atoms in our schools, this way of thinking was introduced by Democritus (c.460-370 BC) known as the father of atomism.

This way of thinking is credited to the Greeks, because Democritus was a Greek philosopher.

Before we understood the matter of this world as being formed through discrete particles known as atoms, we had something else, because we just woke up to this way of thinking.

We all approve this way of thinking, which made this way of thinking to come into the reality we all live, today.

We made this way of thinking as being the right way of thinking, but it is just a theory, known as the theory of atom.

The elements, compounds and mixtures, we see all around us are part of matter, and how matter is classified.

The simplest known type of matter, has unique physical and chemical properties, and is known as the element.

Chemical elements are known to be the one hundred known, substances, where ninety two of them occur naturally.

Some known chemical elements are: hydrogen, gold, sulfur, oxygen, uranium, iron, argon, americium, and tritium.

An element cannot be broken down into smaller particles; therefore, it is said to consist of only one kind of element.

Each element has different types of atoms and unique properties, because they have different atoms.

Elements also exist in nature as, populations of individual atoms, and several others occur naturally, something know as molecules; which consist of two or more atoms, chemically bound together.

When two or more elements are bound together, then this is known as a compound.

The atoms of an element in a compound are chemically joined together, it is not just a mixture or elements.

Elements in a compound are present, in fixed parts known as mass, when they form part of a compound.

Due to this fixed number of atoms of the component of elements, compounds also have the same fixed parts by mass.

The properties of a compound are different, from those of the elements that compose it, which is a defining feature of a compound.

Since a compound is a component of elements, compounds can be broken into smaller elements.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!