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A Covenant Must Be Kept or a Tragic Event Could Be The End Result


The feelings we have, were put there by a supreme being, who shares those same feelings, but at a higher level.

An act of chance, could not have created the feelings we feel, on a daily basis; and even when we have dreams, our feelings can be felt, tremendously and change our view about some things in life, just because of a dream.

In today’s article we are going to talk about covenant and loyalty, and how it can affect a person’s life, when a covenant is broken.

In the wilderness according to the bible, The Most High made a covenant, with the children of Israel, which they broke, and failed to keep, for this, The Most High punished them until the end of the our current world.

As you can see, The Most High takes covenants very seriously, and that’s because they are.

When a person makes a covenant with another person, and one of these two individuals, breaks the covenant, then at that point, we can expect for the two people to fight until, one or the other repents and asks for forgiveness, specifically the person who broke the covenant.

Sometimes, when covenants are made, and they are broken, people can even die, which makes covenants dangerous as well.

This tells me, that unless we are capable of being committed and staying loyal, to whatever covenant we agree to keep, we shouldn’t chose to enter into a covenant with anything.

Blood is usually spilled when covenants are broken, so it is very important that people understand, what is at stake when a covenant is made, their lives is at stake, that is what is at stake.

This is the reason why many people, can’t just get married, because a covenant is made between two people, and when that covenant is broken, then all kinds of problems, come into the picture.

When a person works for a company, a covenant is made, although we all know it as a contract, but really a covenant is made.

We know this because sometimes, when an employee is let go from a job, then that employee retaliates and kills himself and many other employees at that company, including the people responsible for that person, losing their job.

The most important covenant that a person can make, is that covenant that a person, makes to themselves; when a person makes a covenant to themselves and let themselves down, the punishment is severe.

The punishment is severe, because, that person has to then face themselves, and many of us are our own worst critics.

We can go into depression, and even try to kill ourselves, because we let ourselves, down.

Covenants with ourselves are usually tied, to covenants we make to achieve a goal, such as losing weight, starting up a company, and staying clean from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and becoming the best at anything we put our minds to.

When we fail at achieving, such goals, then we become failures in life, because our reputation is nothing but failure.

Therefore, many of us create a culture of failure, which we can’t break out of, staying in that culture, until the last day of our lives.

Thank you for reading this article!!!