Dioxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Contains All The Information of The Human Life


The physical body of human beings, are truly an amazing place; from its most miniature members, to its bigger ones.

All parts of the body play an important role in the body; and without any of its parts working together in harmony and in health, our bodies wouldn’t be able to sustain the spirit that gives life.

Some of us sometimes forget, and others don't know at all, how the little things in our body, help our bodies function on a day to day basis.

People often say “The devil is in the detail” but I beg to defer, because the details are too perfect for any devil to be involved with them.

The details of our body, had to be designed by a supreme being we all know as God the Almighty.

The little things of our body, are there to make things work properly for us.

You should know that, without the little things in our body, there wouldn't be anything big in our bodies to help us live this life and enjoy the things that this life has to offer.

In today's article, we will talk about the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and how, it transfers information from one generation to another.

DNA is able to transfer information, without losing any of its information, so that it can maintain the balance of the divisions that exist between races of peo-ple.

In humans and in almost any living organism, you will find DNA, a hereditary molecu-lar material, which is located in a cell's nucleus.

Another type of DNA is also found in the mitochondria, this type of DNA is also known as mt-DNA.

The cell, is a miniature part of the body, which we sometimes, don't know about, because it is very complex, to understand.

You can only view cells through a microscope, without a microscope, we wouldn’t be able to under-stand cells today.

The cell is part of your body, and it contains your DNA, which transports the information, inside your body, to make you who you are today, through the cells of your body.

Adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and Thymine (T), are the four chemical bases, which DNA uses to store, all of its information.

The DNA is able to translate its information through codons, which comprises three of the four chemical bases.

More than 99% of the bases, of the three billions bases found in humans, are the same in all people.

The way, se-quence or order, in which these bases are arranged determines, the information that they carry, to build and maintain an organism.

The information that each of the genes a human person carries, is the one that determines the race of that person; therefore giving that person a place of birth, a particular nation and culture, thus giving the person his/her identity and finally his/her personality.

It is also very imperative that the each of the base pairs that DNA forms, which in term form genes, are well placed in a perfect order.

If one of these orders, have an error then you would be look-ing at a gene mutation, which would cause some serious problems, within the organism.

For example, when you hear of a genetic disorder, what you are usually hearing, is that the DNA of that person, somehow didn't contain the right sequence to build that person, normally.

There-fore, that person is forced, to live with abnormalities due to a deficient piece of DNA.

This means that a base pair was faulty within the DNA or was missing all together.

Many people today, live with abnormalities because, our science hasn't been able, to solve many of the genetic disor-ders, which are plaguing the human race.

Most of the time we inflict ourselves, because we don’t even have a system, which is conducive to our DNA.

Instead our system of life and way of life today, is destroying our DNA, which is the reason why many of us are abnormal.

We have done such as good job, at creating a system and a way of life that destroy our DNA that we are not even aware of this evil, which is being done upon the land.

The order of the DNA within a gene, has to be perfectly correct, if not the body does not have all the necessary parts, func-tioning correctly, to give a person a normal life.

I put it to you this way, the base pairs of DNA, have to be ordered in a certain way, for them to make sense, similar to the letters of the alphabet, which are arranged, in a way for them, to form a word, sentences and paragraphs.

When the letters of the alphabet however, don't align the right way, then you would see a whole bunch of gibberish, which won't make sense, to the reader, such as oiusflwkefj, I bet you don’t know what you just read.

When word start to not make sense in your head, then you would feel lost and without a clue as to what is going on.

Well the same thing goes on within our DNA, it has to be ordered well and perfect, within our systems, for us to be able to have a normal life, that’s how important our DNA is to us.

Units called base pairs, are formed when the DNA bases pair up with each other: an “A” with a “T” and a “G” with a “C”.

A sugar molecule and a phos-phate molecule, are also attached to the base pair, to form something called a nucleotide.

Each nucleotide consists of a sugar (deoxyribose) bound on one side to a phosphate group and bound on the other side to a nitrogenous base.

There are two classes of nitrogen bases called purines (double-ringed structures) and pyrimidines (single-ringed structures).

The hydrogen bond is what holds the DNA together, this type of bond is unlike, covalent and ionic bonds, which involve the exchange or sharing of electrons.

As a weak chemical bond, a hydrogen bond occurs between hydrogen atoms and more electronegative atoms, like oxygen, nitrogen and fluorine as well as in DNA strands.

Out of the nucleotide, a spiral double helix is formed, from the nucleotides, arranging themselves in two long strands.

A latter is similar to that double helix, which forms a strand of DNA; which is made of the building blocks called nucleotides.

The nucleotides are linked into chains, with alternating sugar and phosphate groups, which are part of the DNA strand backbone.

The DNA's biological functionalities, are determined by the way the DNA bases; we mentioned earlier in our conversation, are arranged on a DNA single strand.

A good example is this sequence, ATCGTT, which might tell your eyes to turn blue, while ATCGCT, might tell your eye to turn brown.

Do you see, how similar the sequences are to each other, but the fact that one base pair is different, it codes for a different functionality in your body.

Yes, I know the body, is an amazing place, with amazing organs that help us live a life, and amazing details that give us so much.

Interesting things, can be done with the body, when you take good care of it, you can be much more than what the average human being thinks he/she can be.

The infor-mation, which allows an organism, to be born, develop and live is contained within the DNA.

The DNA is the language, which The Most High uses to create nations and races, only He knows the full use of the DNA and how to well manipulate it.

Unlike us, we would never hear of us being born perfect, because we don’t know how to manipulate DNA to serve us.

Instead what we do, is that we destroy our DNA, and today you hear of many birth defects, which are caused by us humans.

Trust me, all the birth defects and gene mutations, that cause humans to suf-fer today, are caused by us, and sometimes, they are caused by The Most High, but see the difference between The Most High and us, is that we don't know what we are doing, while God, The Creator of all things, knows what to do with the DNA, because He created it.

So if you see a person being punished by the hand of The Most High, that person deserves to be punished.

If you don't believe me, then you must believe in the scientific idea, which says that we somehow came from monkeys, and are on the face of the earth, by an act of chance.

How silly do we sound, to even think that, we are here by mere chance, or by the “big bang theory”? How can we believe in the silly theories of man, but not believe the word of The Most High Power? Anyhow, let's get back to the fact of the matter, DNA is able to carry out its functionalities, by being converted into messages, which can be converted into protein.

The proteins are complex molecules, that do all of the work within our bodies, to form the person you are today.

Well, no I take that back, the person you are today, is formed by the choices you take in life, if you are of a certain nation of people though, if not then too bad, you have no choice, but to be the person, The Most High made you to be, unfortu-nately.

If you have a problem, don't be mad at me, take it up with The Most High, He made you.

Trust men when I say this unto thee, you won't be able to escape, what will befall you, during these last days.

You will be known by your DNA, which contains all the infor-mation that pertains to you and your nation.

A gene, is a DNA sequence, which contains the instructions that make specific proteins, for specific functionalities.

In humans, one thousand base-pairs to one million base-pairs make up, the size of a gene, which can vary greatly.

A DNA only contains one percent of gene, the rest of the DNA, is regulating, how, when and how much of a protein is supposed to be made.

The base-pairs of the double helix of the DNA, form the ladder's rung, while the phosphate and the sugar molecules form the vertical sidepieces of the ladder.

By replicating and making copies of itself, the DNA allows the cells to be replicated, which is critical for your body to function and grow properly.

In order for DNA to be able to make proteins, the DNA has to first, be read by an enzyme, which transcribes a DNA mol-ecule, into the messenger ribonucleic acid or mRNA, an intermediary molecule, used to form proteins from DNA.

The mRNA forms proteins, because other sets of ancient molecular machines, translate the information contained inside the mRNA, into amino acids.

The other set of molecular machines are known as ribosomes, which is responsible for the production of proteins in all living organisms.

Amino acids, are the building block of proteins; therefore, DNA is able to communicate to the amino acids, through the mRNA, by dividing itself into codons.

Con-don are parts of the mRNA, which tell the molecular machines how to build the amino acid strand, or in which sequence they should build that amino acid strand, to make a specific type of protein.

A wide variety of proteins are formed, using this protein-making machinery, because there are 20 different amino acids, which can be placed, in many different ways, to form many different proteins, even the defective proteins.

The process we just explained, is also known as the central dogma of life, which explains that DNA contains information in the form of codons, for mRNA, which in turns has the information to create particular proteins, which are the basic building blocks, of your body's organs.

In the late 1800's, DNA was first discovered, by Swiss, biochemist Frederich Miecher, since then we have been studying our bodies a different way, because we learned about a different dimension of the body.

The DNA is truly an amazing part of the body, which many of us, don't yet understand, or have a clue that it is part of us, because we simply are not interested to know about it, anyway.

But to those people who understand DNA, also know how important this information really is.

We just simply live, our lives carelessly as if we don't have any worries in the world, and don't care to understand how important our DNA really is.

The DNA is vital, to our society, many things can go wrong, if we don't learn to protect it, by protecting our environment.

The DNA can change and shift over time as well, when we engage in generational activities, which may put our DNA into a lot of danger.

Such activi-ties are: the pollution of our world, eating animals, and taking drugs.

These and many other activities, can lead us to have defects in our DNA over time, which can be passed on down to the next generation.

This is why today, you hear of people having diseases, which were only con-tacted by your life style.

Unfortunately for us, because of the many years that we have been living in poor conditions and really leading bad lifestyles over generations, many of these illnesses are genetic, unfortunately.

DNA will continue to change, and the more damage we do to our world, the more damage we are going to do to our DNA, so that the next generation of people, won't have a chance to deal with the problems, which we are dealing with, in today's world.

Thank you for reading this article!!!

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