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computer forensics

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computer forensics

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview

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Don't Ever Quit - You Won't Get The Crown

Don't quit

Don’t quit, whatever it is that you think you are doing for The Most High, don’t stop in the middle of it, and break your covenant with Him.

Don’t you think, that when you are set out, to do something, you are making a covenant with The Creator, of all things, including you and I.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the fundamental importance of not quitting and going all the way, until you have accomplished that, which you are doing for The Creator, who created you.

You see, you need to understand, that there is a creator, and that if you don’t acknowledge Him first, in your life, you will surely die.

Anyways, back to the fact of the matter, quitting is not something, which is appreciated in the eyes of The Most High.

So, when you set yourselves, to do something, and you agree to do it, for The Most High, you need to make sure, that you don’t quit, because, you will have to pay for it, according to The Most High.

In the bible Ecclesiastes 5:5, to be correct, you will read, that it is better, to not make a promise, then to make one and not keep it.

So, you see, in the eyes of The Most High, you cannot, start something, that you can’t finish, if you are doing it for The Most High, and you made a promise.

Shit even if you don’t do it, for The Most High, you are still doing whatever, it is that you have, set out to do, for The Most High, by default.

Why? Because He is the creator of all things? DAMN RIGHT!!! He will, destroy the work of your other hand, because you don’t want to keep, the promise, that you made with The Most High; to continue to do, whatever it is that you set out to do, which is for The Most High.

It is not easy, to be in a covenant, with The Most High, because He will expect you to keep that promise, and when you don’t, He will remind you, why it would be better, not to enter into a covenant with Him.

Don’t be afraid though, The Most High, does reward pretty well, when you are able to keep, with your promises to Him, so you won’t have to see, the side of Him, which is really going to put you through the fire.

But, don’t think that The Most High, can’t make you enter into a covenant with Him, if He wanted.

Don’t ever quit my fellow reader, quitting should not even be part of your, vocabulary.

When you quit, you realize, that you could’ve done, it, and that if you weren’t so afraid of the outcome, you might be at a higher level, in whatever it is that you are set to do, by now.

Just don’t quit though, because you will regret it later, and will always wish that you were part of the people, who are making it through, whatever obstacle, to obtain their goals.

When you wanted to quit, analyze yourselves, and ask, what is it that is stopping, your progress, and stop it, don’t let it, stop you.

Because ladies and gents, life is mostly about obtaining goals and meeting deadline.

So, if you have a skill set, then showcase your skill, don’t just sit on your skills, get out there and look for a job, don’t wait for someone to offer you the job, because looking for a job is within itself another job.

And you must do it well.

Do your job, whatever it is, that you have, in front of you, and do, it, with all your might.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!