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Halloween Is Satanic and You Must Stop Celebrating that Evil Holiday, or Else The Most High Will Destroy You


Halloween is a satanic holyday, and yet people still go out there, and do it, as if they don’t know the true origins of Halloween.

Well, let me tell you a little secret, if you didn’t know it already, Halloween is evil, and its origin come from an evil place.

In today’s article we are going to be discussing Halloween and the obscure origin of this so called holyday, so that you don’t celebrate this evil day anymore.

In the United States of America, Halloween is not a day where people go, and celebrate the dead, instead they celebrate the fact, that you can wear a costume and be anyone or anything for that one day.

In other countries however, Halloween is the celebration of the dead.

People in other countries, where they believe in Halloween, they don’t go out and ask for candy, instead they go to the cemetery and spend time with their, dead relatives.

We are celebrating the dead, we are doing evil, and we are as a whole praising the devil, and don’t even know it.

Well the majority of people are doing this, I know a lot of people, including myself, who don’t like to celebrate a satanic day such as Halloween.

It is evil to celebrate Halloween, and you will die, because you are making, The Most High mad, by braking his laws, statues and commandments.

Many people don’t think that, The God of Israel is real, and that He is a man of war, who is vengeful towards, those who break His laws, statues and commandments.

The world in which, we are all living today, is very misguided, and we must, and I mean we must, understand, that we are currently living in a very deceiving world.

We have to wake up, because Halloween, is evil and we have to stop, or else we will pay the price.

I mean, we believe in all kinds of stupidities, all of the so called holydays, we celebrate, today, are evil and are against, the being who created you, The Most High.

Then we all will plead with the creator, about how good or bad we were, many of us, believe we are good people, but many of us, celebrate a satanic, day, which should not be celebrated, because The Most High, The God of Israel, The God who created all of us, hates Halloween and everyone who celebrates it.

He will judge the nations, because He is the ultimate judge, and everyone and I mean every single person, will have to answer for what they did in their lives.

Halloween is satanic, and we must stop celebrating it today, because we are upsetting A God who is vengeful, and will require you to pay, for the offences you committed, while you were alive.

If, you don’t stop celebrating Halloween, The Lord, will kill you, and when you die, you will be judged.

Save your soul and your life, because Halloween, was created to destroy, life and everything that The Creator has created.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to stop celebrating, Halloween, one day you won’t be able to celebrate that evil holyday, because The Most High will destroy that evil holyday, and all the people who celebrate it.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!