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computer forensics

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computer forensics

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview

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Happy ThanksKilling - Remember The Native Americans, Also Known as The Israelites


Happy thankskilling, although we are celebrating the death of millions of Native Americans, we still go to our homes, visit family, eat all the food that we can eat, and we celebrate thankskilling.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the evilest holyday ever, created by your friendly neighborhood the white people, who came to America, and slaughtered millions of Native Americans.

We don’t know sometimes, the origins, of the holydays, that we celebrate, in today’s society, but we celebrate them anyways, freely.

We simply follow them blindly as if we don’t need, to question them, because we tend to believe in silly things.

Take Christmas for example, many of us believe in a fat old white man, who comes down a chimney, to give gifts to kids who behaved themselves, good, throughout the year.

We are so ridiculously ignorant, because we don’t know what we are worshiping, when we celebrate these holydays.

Thankskilling, is not a time to be thankful, for family and friends, for many of the dead Native Americans, who were murdered, when the white men came to what we all know today as America.

Yes of course you would think, that I am attacking the thankskilling holyday, because according to online sources, thanksgiving is actually an act which happened in 1621, where the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies.

Waawo that sounds good, but in all actuality, The Native Americans are dead today, and almost extinct.

The first thanksgiving celebration, was the beginning of the end for the Native American world and lives, as they knew it here on the land, that we all know today, as America.

We should all know that, The Native Americans, are still fighting an evil system, which is threatening to destroy them.

As I mentioned before, we don’t care about anyone, but ourselves, we came we killed and we conquered.

Today, many nations are destroyed, because of our doings, and we don’t even care, to fix or take care of them.

Or at least, help these nations, get back on their feet, we don’t care about any of that, we only care about us and the great nation we all know today as America.

We shall overcome sometime in the future though; meaning that we will replace what is not ours, and we will give this land back to the Native Americans, because they were here before any of us today were born.

Also, you see what happened to the Native Americans, it will happen to us as well.

It is really missed up, that this country was stolen from the hands, of the Native Americans, and we celebrate every year, the fact that the Native Americans were destroyed, and killed so that this country could be born.

We continue today, to destroy the Native Americans too, because the government of the United States of America, is constantly working hard to set up a pipeline, which would destroy the little bit of land that the Native Americans have left.

The history of the United States of America, is not a pretty one, but we continue to act as if nothing, has happen in the past, and we can just live our lives today freely on this land.

We are mistaken though, because The Most High, is a God of vengeance and the pay back is coming, what happened to The Native Americans and The Africans brought here on slaves ships, will happen to those who caused such tragedy to these tribes.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!