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test driven development

Test Driven Development has Revolutionized the Software Development Life Cycle Part II

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test driven development

Test Driven Development has Revolutionized the Software Development Life Cycle

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The Seven Principles of Lean Software Development

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Project Management is Essential for Projects to be Completed

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Marriage is a Big Decision and People Should Take Their Time When It's Time To Get Married


Marriage is a serious decision a person needs to take in their lives that decision should not be taken lightly, as serious as if a house is being purchased.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the reality of being married to a person, who is not evenly yoked to another person.

Many times people don’t take the time, to really look around and find someone, who is evenly yoked with them, and have the same personal views in life, as themselves.

When marriage comes to your life, you should take it very seriously, because getting married should be similar to having a baby, it is a big decision.

A lot of people are out here, just marrying people, who they are not compatible with, and end up in a really bad situation.

Then when these same people, who are in these bad situations, then turn around and blame everybody, for their unfortunate events.

This is why the divorce rates in the world, have continued, and in such a short period of time, many more people decide not to be married and instead they remain single.

Marriage has also increased, but there are more single people, than married people, in today’s society, when it should be the opposite.

Marriage is a big decision, and people should know the real purpose for marriage, many people believe that love is part of marriage, but love is not what most people think; therefore, people tend to have the wrong expectations, when it comes to marriage.

A person needs to know that, marriage is more about changing the status of a person’s life, than people just making love to each other, and going out on dates every Sunday.

The love making part and going out to the park to eat ice cream is important in a marriage as well, but the most important thing a person should have in their mind, is that in a marriage, people actually do work.

That’s right people, marriage is all about working, and many people don’t actually spend time “Loving each other” and going out to the park, to eat ice cream.

Married people get married, to attain a better status in society, or to maintain their status in society.

A person should be thinking about taxes, social security, economics, emotions, religion, politics and many other aspects of life, when its time to be married.

When these aspects are not considered, before marriage, then the marriage will not survive the tests that the marriage, will be put through.

A marriage is always put through tests, throughout the lifetime of that marriage, if the marriage survive the tests, then the marriage will last a lifetime, but if the marriage does not survive the tests, then the marriage will be over.

If you are a person who is serious about getting married, then you need to be serious about finding someone who is evenly yoked with you in all aspects of life.

Another thing that people should keep in mind, when getting married, is that their DNA will be mixed up together to form a child.

If you don’t want your babies to have any impairments, then don’t marry someone who has an impairment, because your child may just recieve an impairment, even if you don’t have any youself.

Marriage is very serious, and people should not just be jumping in and out of marriage, because the whole process itself is exhausting and can leave long term scars in a person’s life, to the point where that person, will always hurt and hurt others who enter their lives, when they marry and divorce many times.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!