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computer forensics

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview - Continue

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computer forensics

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview

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Agile Software Development

The Agile Software Development Methodology - Overview

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Marriages Are Honored By The Most High Power of Israel

African American Families

Life is so full of surprises, and people don’t even understand, the effects that surprises can have on people's lives.

The decisions whether big or small, a person makes, have to be made, with clarity and certainty.

It is risky, to take a decision without thinking it through all the way, when people don’t think about their life decisions, such as a car, a house, marriage, family, finances and education, bad things can happen, to a person.

In today’s article we are going to talk about, relationships between a man and a woman, and how it is very important for people to understand the purpose of marriage.

The institution of marriage, was established by The Most High power of Israel, for the sake of giving the women a head, a provider and a protector as a husband and the man a helping hand.

However, many of us don’t understand the purpose of being married and staying together.

I mean, when we look at our society today, many more people are deciding to stay single, or get a divorce, for some odd reason.

Many people think that the single life, is better for them, and I can understand that, because many people want to have no boundaries, to be free and to not have any one check in when you come in or go out.

I get it, people want their so called “FREEDOM” and many other are very excited about being single, which is very odd to me.

But I do understand though, people think that because they are able to pay all the bills themselves, they think that they should, and won’t have any problems, when they are on their own.

However, we have to find out for ourselves, how hard it is to be out here on our own, because life can throw many curve balls, which people don’t expect, to see and catches them on the blind side, changing their lives forever.

I mean even the bible talks about how, it is important for a man to be with a woman, and how important, it is for a man and a woman to be together.

It is a cold world out here, and a person needs their significant other, to find comfort and generate heat for each other.

In today’s society, there are many more people, who are not married and living the single life, in the United States of America, than there were in the fifties.

People are just not getting married anymore, because of the way that our society is being fundamentally changed.

Many people are living the single life, here in America, because they think that they would be financially free, or because they don’t want to compromise, with anyone, but for others, being single is synonymous with loneliness.

The single life is not glamorous; however, in today’s society we are being conditioned to be okay with the single life, but it is not a good idea for anyone to be by themselves out here.

People suffer more, and go through more headache, when they have to face the bills and the pains of lives on their own.

Not to mention, that life is full of surprises and emergencies, which do occur daily; therefore, putting other people in a bind, because other people such as children and family members, have to step in and help that single person, because that person decided to live their lives by taking the wrong decisions, particularly deciding to be alone.

Thank you for reading this article!!!