The Past is History to Those Who Are Too Scared to Face their Own Reality - Part Two

the past is to remember

Alright you’ve made it this far, now let’s continue to talk, about, what you would learn, when you constantly learn from your past, mistakes and successes.

You learn to take different actions as well, when you constantly look at your past life and you build a better future for yourselves.

Don't just block the mistakes, you made along the road and as you are growing to be this person, you are trying to be.

Also don’t just block the bad things, which happened to you, because those mistakes, and bad experiences are there to make you strong, and they shape you into who you are today.

So you can’t neglect your past, although it was a living hell and you prefer not to visit, those horrible memories.

Even if you decide, to block your bad memories, you will always, have to deal, with your past.

Because your past, one way or another, has a way to visit us.

But don’t worry though, the reason your past is able to visit you, is to give you super powers, in your present about the future.

When your past visits you, you are also able to see the future, when you are constantly reminded of the past, because you learn the behavior of things, and you can expect to know how something, or someone would behave in the future.

Therefore, you won’t be caught up off guard, when you are presented with the same situation in your life.

For example, if you know of someone, who have done you wrong, in the past, remember that the person, will continue to hurt you.

Even when that person, is genuinely sorry about what happened in the past.

The reason, that person will continue to do you harm, is because sometime in the past, when they chose to do you wrong, something told them, that it was okay to hurt you, because they thought that they would get away with the crime.

The fact that you forgave them and went right back to being how everything was, before the crime was committed, then the person believes that it is okay to hurt you, because you will forgive and forget like a dumb person.

But you are not dumb right? I mean you won’t let someone hurt you, several times, and be friends with that person, as if nothing never happened.

Somethings have to change to protect you and your family, if not you will continue to be a victim and no one will ever protect you.

You won’t be able to rid that person of your life, of course not, but the aspects of the relationship, has to definitely change.

Remember once a criminal, always a criminal, so if a person hurt you in the past, and that same person comes back to you, asking for a second chance, don't even fool with that person, if you don't want to be hurt again.

You may give that person a chance but, you have to realize that the relationship, could never go back to being how it used to be.

The other funny thing, is that when people harm other people, they don't get to pay for their crimes, right away, unless they are caught and brought to justice by the system.

But you and I know that, not many criminals, are brought to justice right away and that it takes time, to bring a real criminal to justice.

If that person is not caught and brought to justice however, the person learns the hard way that crime and hurting someone else, does not pay.

You should really look into, what we are talking about here, is like karma or “what goes around comes right back around” saying.

You will pay for all your evil deeds, don't think you will get away with committing a crime, so learn to change your ways, before your evil actions catch up to you.

If you however, have nothing but good deeds, then you can be rest assured that, you won't have to worry about, your life, too much.

The reason being, is that you will see much success in your life, due to the fact that you planted good seed, and performed good actions in your life.

Your past, is the indicator of your future, so don’t make too many mistakes, and commit stupid crimes, because your past can come back to haunt you forever.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!

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