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The Power of Unity - The Family Must Stay United

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The power of unity between friends, family and loved ones, is so untouchable, that when it comes together, no one nor the most powerful weapon, can destroy the unity that can only be formed, between loved ones.

Loved ones of course, are those people who are part of the same nation, to be strong as a nation of people.

In today's article, I will be talking about how destroyed families, within a nation, can destroy that nation.

Now for this article, we are going to use two different nations, to show how difficult, it is for a nation, to continue to be powerful, if the family who is part of that nation is not together.

Families have to be together, in order for them, to be able to maintain and build a nation, which would be able, to feed all of the people within that nation.

Now by nations, I am strictly talking about ethnicity, not just a country, because many of us, don't usually understand, what a nation is.

Anyhow, the nations or races of people we will talk about are, the Asian nations and the nations in the western world; in order for us to be able to understand that the unity and love for each other, have either make them stronger or destroy them.

The Asian families include the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Indonesian families.

All Asian families can trace their roots back, to the Chinese culture and principles, which the people of China follow.

One of the principles, which all Asian families do follow for certain, is the fact that family roles, are governed by prescribed roles defined by hierarchy, obligation and duty.

There is a system in the Asian family, to ensure that their family members, do achieve the goals the family, has for that family member.

In the Asian community, individualistic perspectives are seen as disruptive and disrespectful to the family; it is not the mafia though, don’t be alarm, it’s all just a family thing.

As you can imagine, families in the Asian community, have an agreement, with all the members of the family, to know their roles.

Therefore, there is no confusion, within the Asian family, whatsoever and all members are able to excel at whatever their role is; therefore, the family is well structured and don't break or fall apart, because everyone know what to do.

Also Asian families have patriarchal rule, with clearly defined roles of male dominance.

In the western world, it is a bit more different, because there is no clear male dominance and families are not given direct roles.

Instead the members of families in the western world, are told to go and live their own lives.

The Western world by the way is defined as including all cultures that are directly derived from and influenced, of the European cultures.

As you can imagine, people in families in the western world don't believe in fate, instead families find themselves with bad apples in the family.

Due to the fact that families, have different believes and systems, which are different from the rest of the world.

The Asian family structure and the western world family structure, are not better than the other, but they are different.

Thank you for reading this article!!!