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Some Fundamental Definitions In The Science of Chemistry - A Chemical Approach to Solve Problems

chemical problems

The environment, which surrounds us, is full of chemical elements, which help us live and cope with our world.

A good example, of a chemical element, which helps us to live on our current three dimensional reality, is oxygen, without oxygen you wouldn’t last on this dimension.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, a systematic approach, which chemists use, to solve chemical problems.

Every chemist understands that he/she must, know and understand, a systematic way to work through a chemical problem, and solve it.

In order to solve chemical problems, chemists used their reasoning, instead of memorizing, petty equations, which can only complicate your logic.

If you are a student of chemistry, and are taking a chemistry course, you may want to solve those chemical problems, on your exam, the way of the chemist, which is this way.

First you may want to plan, how to solve the problem, before you go and make things worse, for yourself, trying to solve the problem.

Before you start to play with the number, on your test, try to think about how to solve the problem.

The actual calculations, of your plan should make sense; also a plan should clarify, the known and the unknown.

Meaning that, your plan should be able to tell you, what information and resources do you have, and what you should have, to solve your problem, if you don’t already have it.

Your plan should also, suggest the steps, to solve the problems; steps such as ideas, conversions, or equations, should be suggested, by your plan, for you to be able to go, from the known and into the unknown.

You plan should also, present a roadmap, which will show the solution, of many of the chemical problems, on your test, not just the one problem.

A visual summary of the planned steps, is known as the roadmap, and an arrow labeled, with information, about the conversion factor or operation needed; is shown in each step.

Once you have a clear plan, then you are ready to execute your plan, and arrive at your solution.

The solution, should show, the steps, which were planned, in the same order, in which you planned it.

Finally, once you have your solution, and you think you know everything, you need to retrace your steps, and go back to do something chemists know today, as a check.

Yes my fellow readers, you need to, in most cases, you need to check your answer, to see, if the results, you gathered, make any sense.

You should check and see if the units are correct, also you should check the size of the answer as well, to see if it is the right size.

You should also check, the direction of the change, and see if the direction of the change, was the expected direction.

You should also check and see if the results, are reasonable chemically, and you also need to make sure that, you didn’t make a large errors, either.

Check and see if the answer is in the same ball park as the calculated results, on your scrap paper.

An error in early steps, can affect all steps, and cause large errors; therefore, always check your answer, especially in a multipart problem.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!