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Some Fundamental Definitions In The Science of Chemistry - Measurements In The Science Community


Science is a great tool in life, and we must understand, that without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Everything we own, is not ours, and the world around us, is very complex; therefore, we need to learn to understand them, before it is too late, and we end up in a real bad situation.

The clothes we wear, the house in which we live in, the vehicle we drive, nothing belongs to us, they are all manufactured with measured parts, sold in measured amounts, and the currency that is used to pay for them, is measured as well.

The life that we have, is measured, by the years, we spend on earth, after we are no longer present, our belongings cease to exist as well.

In today’s article, we are going to be talking about, measurements in scientific studies, so that you understand, that science is used every day, in life.

It is easy to take, measurements for granted, because they are very commonplace; the search for exact however, makes measurements fascinating and worth studying and writing about.

In 1790, when the newly formed, National Assembly of France, our current measurement for systems began, through a committee, in the French assembly.

The development of the metric system, was the result of the committee in the National Assembly of France, by establishing a consistent unit standard.

The current International System of Units, was established, by another committee, who also met in France.

Scientist throughout the world, accept this type of measurement, because it is a revised metric system.

Systèm International d’Unités or SI Units is the name of this unit of system, it is French by the way.

A set of seven fundamental units or base units, is by which the SI system of measurements is based on.

Fundamental units or base units are identified with a physical quantity and are unique.

Derived units, are combinations of the seven bases units, and are all other units are well.

We calculate for example, m/h when we want to know the speed of an automobile, for example.

The main seven fundamental units or base units are: kilogram, which has mass as its physical quantity and/or dimension, and its unit abbreviation is (kg).

The next SI Base Unit is meter, which has length as its physical quantity and/or dimension and (m) is its unit abbreviation.

The next SI Base Unit is second, which has time as its physical quantity and/or dimension and (s) is its unit abbreviation.

The next SI Base Unit is kelvin, which has temperature as its physical quantity and/or dimension and K is its unit abbreviation.

The next SI Base Unit is ampere, which has electric current as its physical quantity and/or dimension and (A) is its unit abbreviation.

The next SI Base Unit is mole, which has amount of substance as its physical quantity and/or dimension and (mol) is its unit abbreviation.

Finally the next SI Base Unit is candela, which has Luminous intensity as its physical quantity and/or dimension and (cd) is its unit abbreviation.

As trade, building and land surveying spread throughout a civilized world thousands of years ago, the system of measurement began, we should learn to appreciate the fact that we as society do know our math tables, and know how to measure things, in life, else we would be in big trouble.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!