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Some Fundamental Definitions In The Science of Chemistry - Some SI Units, Mass


The world in which we live in today is full of things, which we must understand at the chemical level, so that we don’t end up in a bad situation.

Trust me, we can make the wrong decision, about important thing in our lives, if we choose to ignore, the chemical signs, which are presented, right in front of us, when we are in a dangerous environment.

Chemistry is very important, for the well-being of your life; therefore, we need to make sure that, our knowledge about chemistry is up to date, and up to standards.

Taking a chemistry class, will definitely help, as this is basic knowledge in high school and college too, and life in general, but most people don’t care to know about chemistry, which is shameful and sad.

In today’s article, we are going to talk, about the some of the SI units, which are used in chemistry today, so that you understand, how important it is, to understand chemistry.

Another important SI unit in chemistry, is indeed mass, because the mass of an object, refers to the quantity, an object contains.

The kilogram (kg) is the SI base unit of mass, I am pretty sure, you have heard, of this SI unit, when you go to the produce section of the grocery story, pick up some vegetables, and when you have to pay for it, you have to weigh them, because that’s the way that you’ll be able to pay for it.

The vegetables you purchase at the store, are weighted first, before you are able to buy them.

The kilogram (kg) base unit, is the only, base unit, which has a physical object, as its standard; also, this SI unit base, is the only base unit, whose name has a prefix, such as kilo – gram.

Alright, now let’s discuss the differences, between mass and weight, because we tend to think, that they mean the same thing.

But we are wrong, mass and weight, do not mean the same thing.

The mass of an object cannot change, it remains constant; however, the weight of that object, is prone to change, because it depends, on other things, such as the mass of the object and the strength, of the local gravitational field pulling, on that object.

It is important to know these things, it helps your brain to think better about the world, which is around you.

I bet you didn’t know, that there is a U.


copy of the master kilogram, and it is kept in a vault at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, near Washington DC.

When the master kilogram is moved from place to place, to be compared, two people are involved in the process.

One of the people is there to carry the master kilogram, with forceps, and the other person, is there to catch the master kilogram, in case the first person drops it.

It is amazing to see how important some of these SI base units are in our lives, without them, we wouldn’t be able to function.

Our world, would be chaotic, I mean think about it; we wouldn’t be able to build the things we have today, if we didn’t know how to weigh things, because we didn’t understand the basic fundamental knowledge of SI Units.

Thank you for reading this article!!!