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Some Fundamental Definitions In The Science of Chemistry - Some SI Units - Time


Science is a beautiful thing, and we have to learn about it, so that our world, makes more sense to us.

We can’t possibly believe that, we don’t have to know how to count, in order to understand things in life.

In today’s article we are going to talk about another SI Unit, which many of us deem to be very precious and important.

The SI Unit I am talking about here, is regarded by companies, very high, because they are willing to pay for it, and we are willing to sell it; this SI Unit is known by many of us as time.

So many people sell their time today, by going to work jobs, that they don’t even like, we believe that there is no other way of making money, but only through a job.

Your time is precious, and you have to learn to see your time, as something precious as well; because without the time, you have been given to live, you wouldn’t even be able to sell it.

Just imagine, if your creator, asks you what did you do, with your time and all you did, was to sell it to some company, that doesn’t really care about you, as long as you are working.

Time ladies and gentlemen, is very important and when you don’t learn to appreciate your time, then it is taken away from you.

Anyway, let’s get back to the fact of the matter, the SI Unit base of time is seconds (s).

Time is based on an atomic standard, although it was once measured by day and by years.

Microwave radiation absorbed by cesium atoms, is known as the atomic standard.

Meaning that in the laboratory, time is used, by studying the speed of a reaction, by measuring the time it takes for a fixed amount of substance to undergo a change.

Fast reactions, are nanoseconds fast, and slow reactions are very slow and can take years to complete, which shows that the range of reaction, speed, between molecules is enormous.

The observed phenomenon of time, is a way for human beings, to be able to sense and record changes, in our environment and our universe.

As you might have already know, we can’t find a literal definition for time, because it has been called an illusion, a dimension, a separation of events, which occurs in the same physical location, and a smooth-flowing of continuum.

Therefore, we don’t really know what time is, other than it is a practical convenience to many people in our current life.

The standards, which have been set up for time, have helped people coordinate events and in general to keep their lives, running smoothly.

I mean imagine, if we couldn’t tell whether it was day or night, because we didn’t know what time it is, this would be terrible.

Time is very important, and we need to stop, wasting it, by going to jobs we don’t like and doing things we are not interested in doing.

The time we spend on the face of this earth, is also given to us but once, you will never be the same age again, you’ll have to be born again, to be that same age, but then you won’t have the same body or the same life, which would make it a different time.

Thank you for your time!!!