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The Scrum Methodology is A Framework that Helps The Development Life Cycle of Any Prodcut

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Some Fundamental Definitions In The Science of Chemistry - Uncertainty In Measurements


The power that science have provided to humans, is so unimaginable, that many of us, don’t understand the fundamental changes, science have brought to our society.

In today’s article we are going to talk about, the uncertainties, that we have sometimes, when we measure things; we are also going to talk about some significant figures.

We don’t have the ability to measure something exactly, or know the exact quantity of something, with absolute certainty.

We have to make estimates, or approximation, because every measurement, we make includes some level, of uncertainty.

We are unable to be exact, because we have to measure things, with measuring devices which have been manufactured, with certain limitations and imperfections.

Also our imperfect sense and skills we use, to read measurements, is another reason, why we can’t measure things, to be exact.

The percentage of uncertainty, you are willing to accept will often determine the measuring device, you would use, to measure anything, in a given situation.

When you user a measuring device, you would always estimate, the rightmost digit; and significant figures, which is the name given to the digits recorded, during the measurement; all digits have this name, both the certain and the uncertain ones.

In 23.983 kg there are five significant figures, and 10.9 kg is showing three significant figures.

We are more certain about our measurements, when the number of significant figures, is a lot.

When you can measure what you know and understand about life, or a particular subject, then you know that you know, what you are talking about.

However, when you can’t measure, your knowledge, or what you are talking about, then the understanding you have toward life, or a specific project is very small.

In fact, it is so small, that you can’t even measure, your knowledge or understanding about life, or a particular subject, because you can’t measure it.

It is important therefore, to learn how to measure things, so that we are able to measure, things unseen by the human eye, such as love, hate, peace, intelligence, and gratitude.

Measurements are done, in everyday life, and it is sad, that only a portion of our population, understand the fundamental importance of having a good understanding of measurements.

Most people, know how to count money, because that’s how they make a life, however, counting money and weighing fruits and vegetables at the store, is not the only kind of measurements happening throughout the globe.

Many people are being tested, to measure their ability to retain knowledge, so that they can go on to be better citizens of society, through education.

Our society, is very dependent on measuring things, if we didn’t have a powerful system of measurements, our society wouldn’t know how to function.

Things would be chaotic in our society, if we didn’t know how to measure things.

However, our system makes mistakes many times, because we don’t know, how to upgrade our system, and use what is around us to make better decisions, when it comes to measuring things.

For example, our wreaked society doesn’t understand that the sins we are committing against The Most High are being weighted on a balance, and when the limit is reached, then we’ll have to pay for the sins of our society.

Thank you for reading this article