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The Survival Skills You need to Have In Order to Increase Your Chances In Surviving A Life & Death Situation

Surviving Skills

The earth is full of things which, we can use in order to live a comfortable life, we don’t have to pay someone in order to eat, drink, cloth ourselves or create a suitable home for ourselves.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the survival skills, you should have if there is something terrible going on in the world, such as world war three.

If we don’t start to think about, what could happen in case of an emergency, then we could find ourselves in a very bad situation.

When a person is encountered, with a terrible or bad situation, that person, should check their attitude about that emergency.

In a survival situation, your attitude, more than any other skill, will determine how successful you are, at surviving that situation.

A person might live or die, depending on the survival skills, which that person has, this is why it is very important to have those survival skills.

Other survival skills a person should have are: being able to be without air for three minute, and also being able to endure, three days without water or food.

During an emergency situation, a person should be able, to prioritize what they would want to do to make sure that the chances of survival are very high, by putting shelter at the top of the list, then water and lastly food and fire.

You should always avoid panicking during an emergency situation, because if you don’t panic, it would help you survive a difficult situation.

Panicking is definitely not a decision you should take, and instead you should stop, plan, execute, access and re-evaluate your situation.

Exposure to the elements can lead a person, to be in a whole lot of trouble quickly, and if that person does not take their shelter seriously, very fast, when put in a tough situation, then that person could die.

Hypothermia, is one of the main reasons, why so many people die, during a survival situation, because they don’t have the skills to build a shelter, which is the most important skill to have, in a survival situation.

Location, insulation heat source and personal or group shelter, are things to consider when finding and creating a shelter.

Water is also important to have access to, during a survival situation, because the body is composed of 78% of water.

A person should drink about a gallon of water per day, this is why water is more important than fire and food, during a survival situation.

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of death, during a survival situation; also when you don’t know what type of water, would be good for you, then death could be your end as well.

You should also have a method, of purifying your water, without the skills of purifying water, then the water you drink, could have chemicals, which could affect your chances of survival.

Although you don’t really need fire to survive, unless you find yourselves in extreme cold weather conditions, fire is also very useful, during a survival situation.

Another skill you should have during a survival situation, is to know how to gather food, because most natural environments provide the foods we need to survive, we just have to know how to recognize this food.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!