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The System of White Supremacy is Terrorism to Non-Whites All Over The World

white supremacy

Our current society, is being divided, by obvious reasons, which people refuse to accept, due to their own beliefs in unity and solidarity of all nations.

We fail to look at what is obvious, our society for some odd reasons, doesn't understand that we have to adhere to life, and that life doesn’t have to please our needs, instead we need to be here to fulfill our purpose in life.

Coming together was never the plan, that life itself set up from the beginning, because we were all born into this world, we didn’t create anything.

We found this world already divided into nations; therefore, why anyone of us would want to believe, that we should all come together? Life itself says that there should be boundaries between the nations and we should respect that, or there will be wars, slavery and injustices among the nations.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the injustices that non-white communities are suffering under the imperialism, of white supremacy.

It is obvious that the so called Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, are suffering under white supremacy, and this community can’t do nothing about it to stop it.

Well, actually, there is something that this community could do; the so called Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans could come back to the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High Power of Israel.

The Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge has been telling, the called Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans, about their true identity and who they were since 1969.

Before these groups of people were colonized, by the Europeans, these groups of people lived better and peacefully.

You see colonization, which was done by the Europeans, was very devastating for the so called Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans.

As you may already know the history, the Native Americans, were slaughtered, by the colonizers, who after they slaughtered the so called Native Americans, they proceeded to set up a national day known as thanks giving, to celebrate the killing of millions of Native Americans.

The so called Native Americans were killed and murdered by the Europeans, who came to the western part of the world.

People made movies about this, there is actually a movie called Trail of Tears, which is a history of Native Americans being slaughtered and killed by the Europeans, and weather conditions, as they moved to the west part of this country, to allow the Europeans to settle on the lands of the so called Native Americans.

Today the so called Native Americans are mostly living in reservations, which is a part of the United States, which gets compared to third world countries.

You can only imagine the conditions, in which The Native Americans live today in those reservations.

The other group of people who suffered from colonialism, was the so called Blacks, due to the hard bondage of the cargo slave ships and slavery, which lasted for four hundred years.

The so called Black Americans have developed into a self-destructing type of community today.

Many people dismiss the so called Black people, as nothing but thugs and whores in today’s society, because these people are the descendant of slaves, who were brought to this country to be slaves.

The black community continues to suffer today from colonialism, if you were to look at the black community as a whole, you will find that the black community is destroying themselves, because they were preprogramed to hate each other, by their white oppressors.

Another group of people who suffered from colonialism, are the so called Hispanics, who were brutally put under subjugation, by the Europeans, when they came to the American continent.

Today, all Hispanics countries are either third or second world countries, none of them are a superpower, because they are suffering under the system of white supremacy.

The so called Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, can only do one thing to fight this devil, we all know as white supremacy, and that is to follow the law, statues and commandments of The Most High Power of Israel under the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge ISUPK.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!