The Winter Olympics


Many countries are now participating at the most popular event in today's sport's news. The Winter Olympics at Sochi Russia is truly an amazing sports events when you think about it. The athletes that are participating must push their bodies to a new level of physical strength and endurance, where most have not gone before.

The athletes must practice everyday though to gain momentum with their bodies and take it to that place where only godlike features exists. Right now as we speak, many countries all over the world, are participating and competing at The Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

Thousands of athletes are in what many people are calling to be the most expensive winter Olympics games of all time.

The winter Olympics have always made history, one of those moment was when the United States of America's hockey team was thought to be mediocre and would be an easy win by other hockey team competitors.

However, the truth was reversed when a group of college students and amateurs were able to win the gold medal in one of the most memorable moments in the history of the winter Olympics.

Who could also forget the Jamaican team and their bobsled when they fell on the ice because they never practiced on ice before. The temperature was to low for the Jamaican team who didn't get to compete because they fell and broke their only piece of equipment.

Afterwards though the team took their bobsled and carried it to the finish line, and it was known as the most love for the sport, a team could have ever shown. The next memorable moment of the winter Olympics is a young American speed skater who didn't earn any medals during his very first performance at Lake Placid in 1980.

The next year though the skater came back and found himself in the mist of breaking Olympic records and be the first person ever to win five gold medals. I should also mention that some of the athlete have seen their gold medal disappear from them; a story that still has many people talking is that of a U.S. cross snowboard star who lost the chances of obtaining gold medal.

The error happened when the athlete had a huge lead in front of the competition and was expecting to win gold, so during the last jump of the race, she tried to share the enthusiasm but made a mistake and fell to the ground. The episode was terrible for Olympic fanatics to watch, she ended up coming second and the gold medal was won by one of her opponents.

Another memorable moment at the Winter Olympics Games thought the world that sometimes is best to just hang back and let every one go in front of you, that way you don't catch the first wave of gun fire.

The next story that also left an imprint at the winter Olympics games was an Australian who won gold medal during his performance at the Salt Lake city event.

His opponents believed that the Australian wouldn't be able to keep up with the race because he has been injured and couldn't go as fast as the rest of the racers.

But little did they know that you cannot underestimate people and circumstances, because on the last corner of the race, there was a big collision of all the racers, but the Australian was not involved because he hanged back. Australia ended up winning their first ever gold medal at a winter Olympics.

The winter Olympics games are full of surprises and people will do things that we never thought could be possible. Stying tuned with the Olympics this year would give you the chance to see history in the making. In the United States of America, many of us will be cheering for the team and some of the people we should be watching are these:

Lolo Jones

She is one of those athletes that makes you believe in your self, she is now on the bobsled team for the U.S. women's bobsled team in the Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014. However, she is mostly known for her willing to fight in the mist of obstacles and hurdles; she had to get back surgery and couldn't compete for some time in the Summer Olympics.

She was able though to go the London Olympics 2012, after she finished on a good spot on the 100-meter hurdles final with a time of 12.6 seconds.

At the 2012 London Olympics though Lolo Jones didn't win any medals, the experience was a disappointment for her and many of her fans, because she became popular after she was able to come back from surgery and back on the track again.

She said a lot was riding on that race where she came in at fourth place, she didn't win there so now she is trying her luck again at the winter Olympics as a bobsledder. It may sound like she is at this point desperate for an Olympic medal, but that to me is just her sport spirit.

As an athlete is very important that you win something, a trophy for a championship, or a medal for the Olympics; Lolo Jones has not won any just yet and now she is looking to win her very first medal. Another person that you should be watching is

Keri Herman

Who was born in Minnesota. She is known for her ability to win medals, she won a silver medal at the Winter X Games and the Euro X Games for the slopestyle. The Dew Tour slopestyle was also a successful experience because she again won silver, this many silver medals also earned her the second spot overall, in the 2010 AFP rankings.

At the Winter X 2011 Herman also won a silver medal and at World Champs she also earned a bronze, her actions earned her respect among her peers. Another person that is making history at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 is

Julia Mancuso's skiing accomplishments

 Julia Mancuso added herself to the first American skier to win three straight medal club; after winning her fourth Olympic medal on the Alpine Skiing race, at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. We should also follow

Ida Sargent

Who is a Nordic ski racer who is also part the US Cross Country Ski Team at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. She says on her blog that in order for her to be fit she spends her time skiing, running, biking, hiking, roller-skiing and anything else that would help her maintain that fit body that she needs to compete on Olympic games.

She also writes on her blog that she spends most of her time during the winter traveling with the US Ski team to compete in World Cup circuits. On the Luge Women's Single the United States brings

Erin Hamlin

She is another person we should follow and has won several medals, first in 2006 she won a silver medal at the Challenge Cup, then in 2007 she won her first gold medal at the World Cup team relay event. She also won another gold medal at the World Championships in 2009.

During the same and next year she won silver and bronze medals at the World Cup. Her most recent winning experience came in 2011 when she won two bronze medal at the World cup. Erin Hamlin is a winner and she has a good chance of coming off with a medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

Sara Hendrickson

Is representing the United States at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, for Ski Jumping Ladies' Normal Hill Individual; and she is doing a phenomenal job so far. Despite the questions raised about her right knee, she is competing at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

She is defending her World Cup championship from Park City, Utah; as a 19 year old though she's had a challenging Olympic training sessions; because her right knee is hurting and she is not performing at a 100% at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Yet she still gains respect from us and wish her the best, because not many people are able to come back from an injury and participate at a Winter Olympics Games. Another person who is making history for the United States is

Jamie Anderson

Who gave the United State a gold medal in the first Olympic slopestyle snowboarding competition at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. Jamie Anderson Stepped up to the plate when the moment required here to do it. On her website she says that she started her career when she became a competitor at USASA evens.

At 13 years old she managed to qualify for the Winter X-Games BoarderX, after she had worked her way up through the Nationals, Junior worlds and Vans triple crowns.

The Winter X-Games has never hosted an athlete who was as young as Jamie Anderson. On her website she also mentions that she won her first professional slope-style event and signed her first contract with Billabong, just at the age of fifteen.

She loves what is going on around her, and she truly follow her heart and passion; she is always thankful for what she has and does not take anything for granted because she knows that everything could be taken away from her.

The Sochi Olympics Games 2014 is underway as we speak, it will last until the end of February of 2014 and many people from all over the world are watching.

The event is not in the books just yet and will make history, so stay tuned and keep watching because you could be part of something amazing, something that the world has yet to see.

The people who are competing at the Sochi Winter Olympics Games have to push their bodies beyond their own limitations, if they would like to make history and win a medal.

It is not an easy task these people have in front of them, because the cold and low temperature brings another aspect to the game that many of the athletes have to be able to over come in order to win a medal.

So they are out there pushing themselves and for that we owe them our gratitude and thank them for showing the rest of the world how powerful can the body be if you really push yourselves and put your mind to it.

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