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The Women Needs A Man to Be Able to Reproduce On This Earth

Virgin birth

The human body is an amazing piece of creation, created by The God of Israel who is a man, and we have to learn to respect it, as it was created, we can’t go around changing things, because we feel it is not right, with our feelings.

We must do what comes natural to us to do, if you are a woman, you should do what nature called you out to do, if you are a man, you should do what nature called you out to do.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the origins, of babies, and how it is necessary for an egg, to be fertilized, in order for women to have children.

Now, this article is written to inform the reader, and in no way shape or form, is this article trying to push believes on you, if you don’t agree with the information then you can do some research for yourselves.

Anyhow, the female reproductive organs, according to biology and numerous examples in life, show that it needs the life of the sperm, in order for the womb to be able to carry a child for nine months.

Without the help of the sperm, doctors would have to go to labs and inseminate that egg, with an artificial sperm or a collected sperm from a male patient, in order for the female egg to be inseminated.

So far we all know, that naturally, a woman needs a man in order to have babies and raise that baby as well; however, there is a way of thinking, which have many people believing that, women can really have children without the help of a man.

Although many women out in the world, consider themselves to be virgin after birth, which is only an illusion.

There are women who claim that virgin births are possible, but fail to realize, that the odds are very great for this to happen.

Virgin births have never actually occurred in the history of humanity, although many people believe that Marie the mother of Jesus, had a virgin birth, something known as Immaculate Conception, or more like immaculate deception.

If you want to believe that a women can have a baby, naturally without the help of man, hey this is your cup of tea, as stated before, this article is just here to state the obvious and the facts.

The fact is, women for generations have given birth to a baby with the help of a man, and without the help of a man the women can’t have children.

It is biology, this is something we see every day, it is part of life, a man and a women have to come together, in love to have a baby, sometime the love or attraction is not even there for the man and the women to come together; but when a women and a man have sexual intercourse without a condom, it is very highly that the woman would become pregnant by the man.

Another believe that many people have, is that women can use their bone marrow, in order to produce a children.

This is of course, done in the lab, and it was not done by nature, but by man, once again showing, that even though the bone morrow, could be used to produce sperm, a man was still in the lab to help the women produce sperm, from her bone morrow in order for her to be able to grow a baby inside of her womb.

Also people believe that the Bartholin gland can be used to produce sperm by the women, but this is all unverified, and is only a theory, none of this is practical.

A man needs women, man will never go around saying that they can have babies without the help of the women.

Women who think that they don’t need a man to have a baby, are just seeking power and they don’t want to be seen as nothings but goddess, which is evil in its own right.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!