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The World Is Not Perfect Because The White Race Is Ruling The Earth

The white devil

The world that we live in, it’s not perfect; therefore, we have to strive to find ways, for our world to be perfect, but we won’t get there, because we are stupid and it is also bible prophesy.

Of course, I am not talking about, the environment itself, but we, the people, of this current society are too sick, because we keep a race of people at the bottom and expect for that race of people to celebrate their affliction.

How stupid and sickening, can that be? What type of people do put another group of people at the bottom of the barrel, only the white devil of this earth, which many of us refuse to acknowledge.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the affliction and burden of the black people, here in America.

After slavery, the black community, in the American continent, have suffered a lot, and have not been the same, since slavery.

We are a destroyed nation today, and we are not able to pull ourselves out of this problem and the destruction, which continues until today.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

A friend of mine, once asked me why I think that the white men is the devil? He proceeded to tell me that a couple of white people, fought to liberate us, out of slavery, and because of that, I should just forget about slavery, altogether.

We have not been able to restore our nation after slavery, and my friend expects me, to believe that not all white people are evil.

He also expects me to love the white race, who put my people in slavery, and ultimately, destroyed our people.

To me this is insane, to love the very people who destroyed my people, which is self-destruction.

I don’t get it, if a person, is trying to harm me, the first thing I am going to do about that person harming me, it is to separate from that person.

The white men is the devil, the bible speaks off, and everyone in the world is going to pay close attention to what, black people have been saying for years.

I'll tell you how the white people are the devil, just ask the black kids and broken families in the hoods of America, where black people are destroyed.

Read up on slavery also, and you'll find out the terrible things, which were done to us, through the period of four hundred years.

We are still destroyed because of slavery, us the race of black people in America, who were put in bondage by another race of people, the white people for 400 years and counting.

I would guess your next question would be, how are we destroyed because of slavery right? Well let's see, we don't know our real identity, according to the bible, do you know who you are according to the bible? I know, who I am according to the bible.

We are destroyed my fellow readers, plus the fact that a couple of white people helped us to freedom, does not mean that their race is not evil toward our race.

Besides, the white people should help us to freedom, since their race of people put us in bondage.

It is about race, it's always been with white people, and it will remain that way, until the black people rises up and takes the Kingdome.

I am talking about a race of people, doing evil to another race of people.

Also The Most High freed us He is in control, not white Jesus, but Yahawashi, our Lord and Savior.

We have to reestablish the black community, who is Israel, according to the bible.

Thank you for reading this article!!!