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computer forensics

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview - Continue

The computer’s brain is considered to be the central processing unit or CPU for many people, but the analogy is not inaccurate, because the human brain can do so much more than the CPU. The...

computer forensics

Computer Forensics Fields - A Brief Overview

The computer forensics field, has helped the justice department lock up a lot of offenders, and as technology advances criminals, find it very hard to hide or delete incriminating data from a...

Data Compression

Data Compression is a Great Way to Reduce Data Size

The process which reduces data sizes, by removing excessive information is known as data compression. The size of a file is reduced, in order to save space, save time and reduce redundancy, during...


Converting A Binary Number to Decimal and to Hexadecimal

In order to be able to convert a decimal number to binary, one must have a basic understanding of the decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbering systems. Decimal numbers are used often in...

Agile Software Development

The Agile Software Development Methodology - Overview

On the article written by Hobbs and Petit, they explain that the agile software development methodology, has been gaining popularity, since the 2000s, and have taken software development by storm...

Test Driven Development has Revolutionized the Software Development Life Cycle

test driven development

In the programming arena, developers have to work in the dark, which is very similar to walking in a dark house from room, to room to understand what each room can do, and use that room for a specific purpose.

When developers write the test for code, before developing features for an application, they can improve on the quality and productivity of the software development life cycle; it’s like switching on the lights in the dark room.

The Seven Principles of Lean Software Development

lean software development

The computer world, is taking over the world, due to the software development processes, which have been changing on a daily basis.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the lean software development methodology, in order to understand, how software development is done.

The seven principles of lean software development methodology are: Eliminate waste, which helps software developers eliminate activities, which do not directly add value to the finished product.

Project Management is Essential for Projects to be Completed

project management

A project must be managed well, in order for the project, to not go through certain problems and be able to face uncertainties.

Without project management, everything we see today, wouldn’t probably exist and most of us, wouldn’t like this life.

In this article, we are going to talk about project management, in order to understand its risks and the solutions that project managers, have available to them today.


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