Extreme Programming

EXtreme Programming Methodology is The Most Effective Methodology in Software Development

The world of computers is amazing, and unless you are a person who is willing to go through to be thrown into parts of the world of computers, which does not feel amazing, then you will never be...

cyber security

Computer Forensics has Revolutionized the Justice Systems of The World

As our current world becomes more and more intertwined with technology, criminal activities are happening in the cyber world, and there must be a science to stop these crimes.

In today’s...

scrum methodology

The Scrum Methodology is A Framework that Helps The Development Life Cycle of Any Prodcut

In a scrum methodology, all the developers have to be committed to the project, and this may not be the case, because someone may just want to quit, or they may get fired.

In today’s...

agile methodology

The Exploration of The Agile Methodology In Large Projects

The computer world, is very interesting and people are catching up to it, when they want to develop software, because they are following techniques, which are useful for them to accomplish their...

agile environment

The Agile Methodology has Revolutionized The Information Technology World

The design and build activities for engineering, information technology, and a new product or service development projects, can be managed through the agile development methodology.


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The Importance of AngularJS in Today's Cyber World


The way that the website world interacts with you today, has changed over the last ten years; really when you think about it, every time you are online for the first time during the day, you experience a totally different reality.

One of the reasons for this is, because you don't see the same old ways, of surfing the web space anymore, instead new one appear every day.

The Past Never Goes Away and It Does Visits You Again

the past

The past is history, but we have to learn to never forget it, because it is required of us, at some point or another in our life time to remember the past.

When you chose to forget your past, you are either trying to forget a moment of pain, a moment of guilt, a moment of fear, or a moment of embarrassment, which you are forced to face sometimes in the future and present of your life.

Ada and A Sharp Programming Language

Ada programming language

The programming arena, is a very serious area of study, and unless you are serious about your programming skills, you will never be able to create that state of the art application that you would like to develop, because you are not training yourself the right way to achieve your goals.

Working hard should also not be foreign to you, meaning that you should not be afraid of staying up at all kinds of time during the night, to be able to accomplish your goals.


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